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11-09-2013, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by newromulan1 View Post
Most of the other things mentioned above - the participants moderate who goes against who. If cryptic does noting else with PvP it is the players fault just as much as theirs - why? Because most of those vets rolling pugs are doing it just for fun! And if they don't know they are killing PvP by driving off New players they are just stupid - but I highly suspect they know exactly what they are doing and just to care about the long-term health of pvp. So people saying don't blame the players are just being neive.

Is it my fault for pugging it? Sure. Is it their fault for helping to reduce PvP player population -definitely - don't say they don't no better. At a certain point when you get to be so good you should not be puggng it with players - like myself - who PvP only a few times per week.

This concern of scaring people off PvP should be even more in the minds of KDF players so that eventually no-one q's for fvk. At this point cryptic has taken a hands of approach to PvP - promises will most likely never be fulfilled. Therefore it is even more important then ever that the vets take the lead. The demise or rise of pvp really is all up to them.
If you pug expect Player unknowns with Fail builds for both sides, anyone with experiance will survive longer than the new player, fact. Players come and go in PVP, if you go, that would be sad to lose another potential PVPER, but the PVP train will still roll on with or without you.

It's an unstoppable steam train, you can get on or off, but it won't affect where it's going.

don't blame people who are better than new players for queuing up. VETS is a very broad name to name anyone who has PVPed really.

How do you define a VET? someone who has played 1-5 PUGS? or has been a STO account holder for more than a year? there are those who have been around for 2 or more years and are still sub standard in PVP as they only play alone and Captain kirk it.
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