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# 1 Single Player Missions
11-11-2013, 05:01 PM

well so far the Single Missions are very great, if you read the content, you get a great story and it is very nice to play. BUT! The End Content really lacks missions and quests. It is based on pure fighting. But this is not Star Trek. I mean, did you watch TNG? There are no epic space battles, Star Trek is based on the Idea that Men travel though space and explore it, explore, not destroy. So it would be nice if you guys could get us more REAL Star Trek stuff.

There is so much great stuff in the foundry, you could do it this way:
The player receives a mission for deep space exploring, once entered the mission the toon cant return to the regular map for 5 to 7 days. Within this 5 to 7 days the player must resolve 5 to 10 foundry missions you select. The reward for the player could be 24,000 Dilithium and 250 marks of choice. A reward like that would compensate for the toon, not being able to do any thing else, so it would give players who cant be online every day the opportunity to hold up to players who can be regularly online. Aborting the mission should be able but then the player should receive nothing.

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