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11-13-2013, 08:26 AM
I too came here to say how much I liked the new tutorial. It is very well done.

Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
I also am impressed how you guys managed to reuse and keep a portion of the VO done by Zachary Quinto given the fact that you're not the ship that sends a landing party to the U.S.S. Khitomer anymore. (although he still sounds more like he's doing a reading rather than acting, but VO is hard form some main stream actors.)
He is a regular hologram, not like the Doctor who was left on for a very long time and became sentient. He is supposed to sound that way.

Originally Posted by grabacr75 View Post
and , dunno if I should say this (dont blame me now , xD) ...
am I the only one who sees a little similitude between the new tutorial and the 1st JJ-Star Trek-movie ?
Starfleet Academy-cadets with no experience thrown right into action and player taking control of command (like Kirk) ... or is it just me?
Okay, no blaming, but it was more like a combination with Starship Troopers, even uses the same name (Flores) for your best friend.

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