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I'm not really sure where else I can go with this....I completed a Free Zen offer (Nielsen NetRatings, from SponsorPay, I think.) And it says to wait one minuet for 200 Zen. It's been about 20 And I'm not seeing anything in my wallet.

So I tried to contact support about it, but every time I click the link to 'submit a ticket' FireFox tells me the Server is trying to redirect me in a way that will never be completed.
I've not told it to not accept cookies, so there's no reason I can see why this would keep happening, and it annoys me that it's so difficult to just tell them something has gone wrong!

So if someone could offer me some advise, or even just a working link to PW's support centre, I'd really appreciate it.

It would seem someone moved my post to a more relevant area, thanks for that!

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