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# 1 BORG COLECTIVE playable faction
08-28-2013, 05:17 AM
STORY : delta quadrant is under attack by species 8472. One alien has been assimilated, now you are a new Borg drone was send by Borg Queen from Unicomplex. The Borg collective is under attack unknown species The UNDINE and you must/have stop them!

EPISODES : 1.STRONG ENEMY (species 8472 attackers , end-player close transdimesional gate) 2.SECOND POWER (Borg is under attack the Dominion , end - Borgs destroy their army) 3.WE ARE THE BORG (war between Borgs - Federation and Klingons)
4. HIDDEN ENEMY (Romulan s. empire use new weapons against Borg col.)
5. ? . . . etc

OPENING VIDEO : On one planed was be assimilated some alien(human) and now he becomming be a Borg drone - in tutorial you are not fully drone only half and learn assimilating. Your first ship will be Borg Space drone (after probe and other) .

NEW : Borg mind audio (notification,story,battle comments. . .)
Borg implant-hand weapons and assimilation skill
Borg Queen character as we know from film (First contact)
Borg clothes and implants (for Z-store Borg Queen clothes(female) and other. . .
Borg bridges(rooms) and ships (see picture)
Sector block with Unicomplex (Borg capital) . . .
Playable race are Borg (human type) and Borg assimilated alien
New PvP and PvE mission and new currency system (marks)
New Borg style sountracks
At 1-10 levels players can upgrade Borg walk speed
New war zones where Borg s players fight with other and invasion zones
and etc . . .

REQUEST : do it pls. BORG COLLECTIVE must be 4. playable faction !!! and not semi-factions how romulan republic but fully faction as FED nad KDF


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# 2
08-28-2013, 07:11 AM
how's about they fix bugs first, before worrying about adding yet another faction?

That said, I would love it if STFs became Borg vs Fed/KDF/Rom pvp xD
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# 3 Playable Borg faction
08-28-2013, 09:39 AM
I agree.. Borg must be the 4th Playable faction, after all it would be interesting Commanding a Borg cube and other Borg ships. It would be interesting to assimilate other Players just like the the Borg in STFs do

I want the Borg to be the next playable faction!
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# 4
08-28-2013, 10:16 AM
No thank you. Between Voyager and STF's for the reputation.. I have had enough of the Borg.

While I'm against the Spoon heads becoming a player faction I think they will move onto them and do something similiar to them as they have done with the Romulan Republic...

I.E.. Maybe the Spoon heads are having problems with the Mirror Universe... bla bla bla lalala 5 missions done... now join the Feds or KDF!

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# 5 thay8472
08-28-2013, 10:50 AM
You will be assimilated and added to the Borg collective too with your FED and KDF + RRW ,or we destroy you species 8472 .
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# 6
08-28-2013, 11:00 AM
The devs already said that the Borg wouldn't be a playable faction, since you...wouldn't actually play a Drone, the game would play it for you like when you're assimilated in ground content.

YOU are not in control of the Drone, THE COLLECTIVE is, and The Collective is just an AI routine ran amok like HAL or Skynet.

I just find it amusing that people actually want to be a tooth on a gear in the machine, rather then being an individual.
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# 7
08-28-2013, 11:09 AM
The Borg collective allied with Starfleet and /or the KDF maybe should only be playable by Lifers as they are the only people with access to the Lib borg species anyhow. Cant see them adding a faction for only a small group of players though.
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# 8
08-28-2013, 12:06 PM

and I though spawning next to a couple of Scimitars outside ds9 was bad imagine the collision box on a couple of borg cubes

It was stated that we won't ever be able to play an evil faction, aka no Tal Shiar alliances.
and the new romulan mini-faction would be the blueprint for adding other factions into game so they could mesh with the overall storyline. How exactly would anyone be welcoming the Borg into a Fed/Kdf faction after all the destruction they have caused? How would you mesh them with the current storyline remove borg STFs? Khan,"we are all one big happy family"?
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# 9
08-29-2013, 04:26 AM
Let me get this straight: first you make a thread where you ask when the Borg Collective will be playable


and people tell you it won't because Cryptic already said they won't make an evil faction.
So just a couple of days later you make ANOTHER thread where you ask them to make the collective playable.
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# 10
11-17-2013, 03:06 AM
I had an idea about this a while back where a playable borg would be viable, in that their tutorial starts your controlled by the ai just like when you are assimilated, then the cube your on is attacked by a party of Hugh-like borg who are trying to free other Borg, they capture and free you then you are "liberated" albeit still very much borg, now you start playing borg aligned missions such as liberation runs and assimilating new crew from existing borg.

That way your a full borg but arnt part of the collective, perhaps you are a collective of your own but of liberated minds. And your not a bad guy and can also do mishs and stfs that exist now.

New powers

Adaption: weakened by their separation their adaption is now only a slight resistance that improves the more times struck by one energy type but this only stacks to 5 and disappears after a timer then would have to build resistance again also you can only resist one energy type at a time.

Assimilation: a temporary short range attack the injects an organic foe with nanites turning them against their own team for a limited time.

New Kits

The borg kits are visually different as they change the exoplating on your character for each purpose, (e.g. Tactical Borg would have heavy exoplating whereas a medical drone would have less so)


Borg weapons would be new prosthetics or armor additions for differant purposes.


Ships would range from heavily assimilated ships such as defiant or warbirds etc as well as borg spheres and cubes

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