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11-21-2013, 10:30 AM
Just get the tactical Scimitar. 5 tactical consoles is optimal. But it doesn't give you a ton of wiggle room for everything else. Especially for the Scimitar consoles which, while "handy", are not worth taking up most of your remaining 5 slots. My two engineer slots have two fleet mk 11 rsc accelerators that give my scimitar 40% more turn, 10 resist all and 10 kinetic resist each. That will help your survival while curing the slow turn rate, the ships two biggest weaknesses. my 3 science slots are filled with a borg console, plasmonic leech console and valdore console. I can't really bear to live without any of these, leaving me with few options.

Sometimes I wonder if I could do without the valdore console, but when you're cutting a swath of destruction through swarms of borg spheres at once that staggering amount of healing is the only thing keep you alive while you're taking that much heat. That's the hidden weakness of the scimitar. You're hitting everything so hard at once, every target focus fires you and you alone.
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11-22-2013, 12:59 AM
I've brought my Scimitar to Kerrat just yesterday. Considering that is still needs some serious better gear, DPS was simply huge. I've been following BoPs under cloak and vaporized them in 2 seconds, at max. some even asked what was going as they didn't see me coming.
I opted for Phased Polaron Dual Heavy Cannons MK XII [acc]x2 as I met someone who can sell me a pack of five at a very good price. The Phaser proc mixed with Polaron and Plasmonic Leech makes it great for power drain when you're firing. Going to swap Jem'Hadar Space Set with fleet elite shields and two piece borg for the hull heal which is very nice. Will spend some time to get MK XII RCS from dilithium mine and a Tachyokinetic Converter for boosting turn rate due to DHC.

Don't know about how to set up Engineering boffs abilities. Do I really need two copies of aux2bat or I'd better go for some more powerful heals? (considering that I mostly hit hard and cloak for another damage bonus).
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11-26-2013, 10:03 PM
If you favor strike-and-fade, then Aux2batt is not your friend, since it ruins your cloak, can cause cloaking failure, and you don't need full uptime on your guns, since you will have fled the scene of the crime by then.
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11-27-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by rmxiii View Post
Generally speaking with the various 3-pack ships, its always best to get the 3 pack instead of just 1 of them.
This is actually the complete opposite of the truth. Most 3-packs are quite worthless unless the alternative skins are important to you. I like using the Tulwar skin on my Scimitar, and can afford $25 just for that, but the consoles and other 2 models are quite useless.

Cannons are suboptimal on any model of Scimitar. The consoles are mostly toys and, again, suboptimal. The Valdore console is borderline broken (good.) That's all, really.
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11-27-2013, 12:11 PM
I think the tactical scimitar is the best ship, but it has a weak console. Being able to shoot while cloaked for a few seconds once every 3 minutes is kind of weak compared to the always active valdore console/plasmonic leech/rcs accelerator + resist all + kinetic resist fleet hybrid console/borg console ect. But while having 5 tactical console slots is very powerful, it also only leaves you with 5 other consoles to slot those mandatory universals. The scimitar gimmick consoles are "handy", but the competition for those limited spaces is just too fierce.

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