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# 1 Two accounts, one download?
01-12-2010, 12:30 AM

My son and I are both big Star Trek fans. I think it'd be great if we could both play the game, together. I know that we'd need two accounts to do that though, so here's the question. Since I've payed for the game (or will have, after the official release), can I download the client on my son's computer, set up a SEPERATE account for him and both of us play, without having to buy a whole seperate copy of the game?

I know from experience that most MMO's allow this, but I also know Champions Online (Cryptic's other MMO) doesn't. Will STO allow it?

It would seem short-sighted for Cryptic NOT to allow it.... True, they won't get 50 bucks for the purchase of a new copy, but they WILL get 15 bucks a month for a new subscription. And if they WON'T allow it, they won't get either from me.

The 15 bucks a month will add up to alot more over time.... ::hint, hint:

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