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I have just come back to STO after a bit of a hiatus so if I am repeating a previous thread I apologize, I was not able to find an answer by searching the forum.

I am curious to find out how the chance to reduce the cool down on skills that the Doff's effect work. I.E. Chance to reduce the cool down on Torpedoes or Cannon skills, etc.

I have had some people say that the chance to reduce the cool down "rerolls" so to speak on every time you fire and others say it just rolls to see if it reduces the cool down when you use the skill that is affected. obviously the latter makes more sense to me but I am deferring to the Grand Masters here :p.

Also if someone could tell me what the chances are between the different quality of Doffs are? I.E. Common-10%, uncommon-12% etc.

Thanks much :p.
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11-30-2013, 12:19 AM
Well, there are no DOFFs that directly and only reduce the CD of torpedo and mine abilities. But there are DOFFs that can reduce the CDs of actual torps or mines.

Now, Energy Weapon Officers can reduce the CDs of cannon, beam, or Target Subsystem abilities. This has a chance to proc any time you use the ability that the DOFF covers. So it can proc on one ability, but affect multiple ones.

Projectile Weapon Officers can proc on mines or torps, and proc every time you fire off a mine or torp, depending on which DOFF. Mine DOFFs are almost entirely pointless. Mines have a long CD, and a long shared CD, so trying to keep their CDs down is not really needed. Torps on the other hand have long-ish CDs, but only a 1 second global CD, so using multiple torp DOFFs can be a really great thing on a dedicated torp boat.

Note: No DOFF can reduce a cooldown past global.
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