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11-30-2013, 07:55 AM
If the accuracy consoles have a polaron+proton variant, it may be the only thing that makes these weapons worth using in PvE. The only hybrid polaron weapons I like in this game are polarized disruptors. The dominion polaron ones are nice, but they max out at blue Mk XI.
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11-30-2013, 02:59 PM
I think that's where we're all seeing things differently. Some are seeing NPCs who might last less than 30s and who's shields go down fairly easily.

Some are seeing other players who have their shields up 95% of the time and thus get more from bleed through and damage bypassing shields.

In short, if your enemy will have shields up most of the time, they will be good. If your enemy is a mindless robot then they will be pretty rubbish.
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Has damage got out of control?
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11-30-2013, 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
I see you're missing this all around. Your first step would be to compare similar things. A 2k portion of a crit will deliver how much damage through a shield?

200 points. Subtract out resistance of say...30%. So that leaves 140.

140. Huh.

So anyway like some have touched on, this is a new flavor wep proc that does damage directly to the hull. They are adding more sources of this type of damage into the game. The only resistance I think you can find to slot vs this is off of the new Engineering consoles. And it is very effective against the Voth, the current 'enemy' of the Season.

So before you say 'well the crits do more damage blah blah blah' different builds do different things. You may not WANT all of these weapons on your ship. You may just go for turret procs on a cannon drain build. You may actually put all of these on your ship to get more on hull damage when you're fighting the Citadels.

And in PVP, if your CritH is over 15% you're going to see this proc about as often as you would see any other of the 2.5% weapon procs. And it's on hull and there's no real resistance. So if you were using this in conjunction with the other sources of Proton damage it could possibly be meaningful. Possibly.

I'd love to see this proc on someone that just popped the old Subspace Field Modulator.

Cheers happy flying and all.

EDIT: Yes and this is why it isn't just a Protonic Beam. You'd have to rework every weapon type in the game before you converted it to Protonic because if you didn't, you'd never need any other weapon in the game.
There are already superior Polaron weapons in the game and Polarized Disruptors far exceed the killing power of these new weapons if you want the Polaron proc.

It is strange to have this proc shoved in with Polarons because Polarons are only useful with energy drain builds. If you are not running that sort of build then a tiny bit of energy drain here and there is pointless and will not achieve any real results.

Also there are a lot of other Direct to Hull damages. Let's not simply ignore the Omega Rep Proc, Plasma/Hargh'peng burns, Gravity Well etc... Romulan Plasma is far more useful for hull melting than this proc is. The proc is so weak and infrequent that it is easily ignored.

It is just a gimmicky new weapon that honestly has no place in any real worthwhile build sadly. The weapons sets in this season all seem to have been made a bit at random and do not really feel much synergy. I can understand the idea that we are modifying alien tech that we do not really understand but it still seems that we have done a poor job of it compared to previous attempts.

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