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Devs, please make it so that Rom characters can wear the previous years's winter scarves and the Tholian scarf.

Presently, Rom captain's can purchase from the Exchange, or trade these items, open them up and unlock them. However, in the tailor they are nowhere to be found and can't be selected and thus, worn, yet.

With the winter event coming up in just a few days, this is a problem. *Please* fix this for those of us playing Romulan characters. Basically Fed-allied Roms should be able to wear any Fed scarves they have unlocked, and KDF-allied Roms should be able to wear any KDF scarves they have unlocked. This also affects the Tholian silk scarf.

Please do not excuse Romulan players/characters from being able to use these existing scarves. It would be most appreciated if you would please make this work for us. Thank you!

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