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Ok, I've made a choice of picking "Vanquish" passive ability at Tier 3 Dyson Rep on one of my toons, which I'm now starting to regret...

How exactly does this ability work? The way I see it it only activates when the enemy is at 50% health or lower, but ONLY when you're firing at him. The debuff seems to activate only AFTER you've given a shot at the enemy and lasts for ONE SECOND.

My question is - does this debuff actually activate AFTER the shot is fired, or does the fired shot already benefit from it? Because if it's the former then certain weapons such as Pulsewave Assault or Blast Assault are basically useless with this trait, as there's more than 1 second gap between each shot.

I guess this mechanic could work for the space version of this trait, as you're using more than one weapon most of the time, but on the ground I find it worthless in its current state, especially since most generic enemies tend to die quickly anyway, making the ability useful only on certain bosses.

So is this working as intended? Do I actually have to use rapid fire weapons to benefit from this ability at all?

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Sounds like the debuff ought to last much longer than 1 second otherwise, like you said, it's completely wasted on slow firing weapons.

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From what I have seen the debuff lingers a fair bit longer than you feared. The first shot does not seem to get the benefit but after that all shots will benefit and not just shots coming from you. That is to say: Like a Disruptor proc you need that first shot to afflict the enemy with the proc but after that they will continue to suffer it for awhile, especially as you keep shooting them, and you and all your team-mates etc. can take advantage of the lowering resistance.
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12-01-2013, 03:57 PM
No, I've tested it. The buff lasts for about a second after each shot and then disappears. The only way to keep it on the enemy is to use a rapid fire weapon. Basically anything other than Assault type weapons. When using a Pulsewave or Blast Assault the debuff disappears off the enemy before you're able to fire another shot.

Yes, the passive does benefit other players when you're with a group, but otherwise it's only viable with certain weapons in its current state, and mainly on bosses.

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