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# 1 Rep systems: New vs. Old
12-02-2013, 01:52 PM
So the Devs may at some point decide to redesign the old Omega, Romulan, and Nukara reputation systems to be more like the new Dyson one. But is that all good? What if you like a feature about the old systems that is missing in the new Dyson one?

Well here is where I, a person of no particular importance, invite you to speak your peace about it. Please be thorough, too. Tell us why you love or hate a feature, not just "This part sucks, toss it; this other part is great, keep it."

Why does that part suck? Does it really need to be tossed or just tweaked?

Why is this other part great? Could it be better? How?

With any luck the Devs will be paying attention and when it comes time to revamp the old systems they'll take your advice and do things your way.

This topic wouldn't be complete without an invite to include your personal wish list of missing features, but lets keep those to a short list at the bottom of a post so it makes it easy for the Devs to track and tally. Try to keep descriptions and explanations brief, too. This isn't the wishlist thread, it's the Old vs. New thread and that should be the bulk of your post.
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# 2
12-03-2013, 04:51 AM
I enjoy being able to complete a set at tier 1 and 3, even if the sets are slightly less powerful than their T5 variant. It helps me get a feel for the gear and know whether or not I want the Mk XII set. Having to wait till T5 to complete the Mk XII set doesn't jive well with me. I'd preferred an upgrade mission. (See ideas link below)

I do enjoy the fact that the dilithium store items unlock with the tier's unlock rather than being a separate project, many times I've ignored them because my efforts were focussed elsewhere.

Other than that the Rep systems are not that different, marks accumulate better but that is from mission rewards, not the Rep system itself. Dyson and Omega seem about right on this point, now Romulan and Nukara need to be pulled up to match.

Check out my ideas for the game here
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