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# 1 what Rep items should be like
12-04-2013, 03:25 PM
so we currently have 4 reputations now, right? most people have maxed these, or are trying to max them. now I for one have been flying an antiproton built multivector for a long time, and there is no way i'm going to change my build on this character, probably ever (i have tried, just didnt feel right.)

so what reason do i have to WANT to max another reputation? oh yes there's the buffs you get at each tier that are progressively better and cooler the more you get, some of them tactic changing for pvp (not like anyone REALLY does that anymore). so with each new reputation comes hundreds of items that are interesting, but not really worth it for someone who already has everything from another rep, or an incompatible build.

so let me get to my point now that i've described the problem.

alot of these items like [weird engineering consoles] [protonic polaron weapons] and alot of these other things we keep getting from the new voth rep, as well as alot of the things purchasable from the other rep stores, i think should be trade-able. if i have a T5 character, why cant i use that character to buy a bunch of rep items and sell them on the exchange? or take those items and give them to other members of my fleet? i'm not saying the sets should be sellable on the exchange (though honestly why not? aegis is on the exchange, why not the others?).

currently the exchange really doesnt have a good reason to exist for endgame. you can buy keys, ship modules, and lockbox ships on the exchange, but say you sell those, what good is that money to you? granted if you sell keys, you can buy a lockbox ship or a module, and the reverse, but who cares if you already have the best ship for you? now the exchange has no real purpose.

have 70 mill EC? want the best gear possible? well dont look on the exchange for those tactical consoles, they're in the fleet. dont look on the exchange for those torpedoes, they're in the reputation. deflectors/shields/engines? probably both fleet and rep there. warpcore? fleet again. devices? probably better from a shipyard dealer, unless your after one of those rare device things that, like everything else, cant be traded.

anyone else see the problem here? only thing EC is good for is when your leveling a new character and want gear for it at each level, or if you're new and dont know a fleet, or have any reps. once you get to true endgame where most of our mains are, there's nothing to do with EC.

so how many others would like to see a change in this? more rep items tradeable? maybe even a select number of fleet items?
if this becomes a hot enough topic, the devs might change it.
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# 2
12-04-2013, 04:25 PM
Would be nice if rep gear was account bound. But in order for your other captain to claim the rep gear, youd need to buy a token from the c-store. Lets say 2500 Zen..

Want to pass gear to another alt ? Pay up

Id buy in 100% I'd probably pay even more


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# 3
12-04-2013, 09:44 PM
I will happy take your EC if you feel it is preventing your ship from flying fast enough :p
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# 4
12-05-2013, 06:27 AM
thanks alen, your kindness is overwhelming, one day i hope i can return the favor. /sarcasm.

just seems to me they keep adding new currencies without making a point for the old ones. its barely even possible to convert them. it'd make more sense if trading was done using the dilithium currency.

think about it, EC (energy credits) is literally supposed to be a credit system with starfleet/KDF. saved us from another all out war with the undine? you deserve better gear! but to let you choose where and what, we'll just add it to your account that where ever you go in the federation you can buy this much stuff in value. it makes perfect sense for the canon, in war times when resources are limited, starfleet reserves it supply for the ships doing the most to help. that captain in spacedock twiddling his thumbs doesnt deserve to requisition MK12 shields. though that guy that just defeated the borg does.

this line of logic works up until you get to the exchange. granted, player to player gameplay rarely makes sense from a lore standpoint, but STO has done a good job so far. why would the credit i have with starfleet make any sense to sell to a klingon? we are at war after all, they cant just requisition new gear from starfleet so they can fly off to kill starfleet. the same logic is broken when you think about buying drinks from places like drozana station. why would a ferengi care about federation credit?

so by that standpoint, using dill makes more sense. it's like a bartering system. if i'm trying to buy from a merchant lightyears away, and i dont have any of their money, we'd resort to trading what the other needs. since everyone needs dill, that makes sense.
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