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I managed to play STO this evening and I like it a lot, great potential. But I noticed that space objects such as planets and their satellites (Earth and the Moon and every other planet actually I've encountered) are very small compared to what they should be (compared to your ship). If you drive your ship as much closer as it is possible to the Earth for instance you'll notice that in scale, the ship is bigger than Florida for example. Another example is the SS Azure mission, there was a moon like space body, which was smaller than a nearby asteroid.

I think it should be noticed and fixed, a little realism especially in this aspect will harm noone. I would point to EVE for example, where scale of planets compared to ships is very accurate. In EVE, if you zoom out the camera at max distance, you'll notice that you ship will get smaller and smaller until it disappears, but at the same time the planet in the background would not change at all. IF you read this, please take it into consideration.

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