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# 1 STO under Wine/Linux/Mac
01-12-2010, 03:36 PM
Disclaimer: Bioware don't officially support running it under these operating systems or conditions. Don't expect developer help. Don't go nagging when it won't run, or won't run right. This is just a place for users to share experiences, not a place to complain about support or lack thereof.

So, I'm an avid gamer. I've gotten a number of games running fine under Wine (Everything Source-based, Dragon Age, WoW, LotRO). I'm keen on playing STO, but before I lay down money I want to know that I can get it running.

So far, all I can get is the launcher updating and logging in. Once logged in, the "buttons" (app:2,3,4 links) don't seem to do anything. What I assume is the news pane never loads, the drop down box is empty, and it seems like nothing happens.

I've checked with Wireshark, the app is POST'ing the login data, and getting a 200 back, so that's working fine.

It might be something to do with Javascript not running properly on my end. I'm getting [code]0[18bf88]: file, line1: ReferenceError: focus_password is not defined[/code]
focus_password is a Javascript function defined in but I can also see from the wireshark cap that it's not being fetched. It's also this JS file that seems to have a decent hunk of content that runs on loading, so I'm guessing this is my current issue.

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