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# 1 loading bug
01-12-2010, 05:53 PM
i've played the game for almost 8 hours now... quite pleased by how it turned out...
but it's time for bed, and i cba'd to log in to file a bug report... so maybe a dev finds this post and can do something about it, or now... doesn't really matter, since it isn't game breaking...

anyway... i noticed that if you're in a loading screen (one of the screens that cause seisures at 16:10 resolution) and if you get disconnected from the server during this. the game will not reboot, but will just sit and wait till the server responds. with a notification that the connection is no more...

escape and stuff doesnt work, so you have to force the game to close trough the task manager...

if some mod could forward this to a dev it's most appreciated...

good night all, and have fun


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