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# 1 A few bugs
01-12-2010, 06:28 PM
Now, I realize that the crashing and such is going to be typical of any beta in the first few days and I'm not so worried about that.

This is in the tutorial and here are a few bugs I noticed

1. When you exit the USS Khitomer and try to get to your respective ship, for long while, you see your little guy floating out in space and standing there in space while you are waiting for your ship. Now that may sound like a loading issue because of the many people trying to get into the same place, but I figured I'd note that.
2. When I tried the transporter to get to other locations, I will ofcourse get the animation showing my guy is beaming, but then for a few seconds I still stand there on the transporter pad with NPCs still moving until it finally gets to the loading screen. Again, maybe a problem on my end, but I just want to note that.

Again, these might be just run of the mill stuff and not actually bugs in the programming.

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