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The new link for the latest OB download at AusGamers takes you to an Aussie site which, before you download the file, very bluntly states that if you use Internet Explorer, the download will not work, due to IE not being able to handle downloads larger than 2Gigs or something like that. Here is the quote

"I'm trying to download a really large file and I'm having problems!?

Some browsers and download applications (including Internet Explorer 6) have a lot of problems downloading Large Files.

A "Large File" is any file that is greater than approximately 2.1 gigabytes in size (to be exact, 2^31 or 2,147,483,648 bytes). This is basically because this number is so large and these applications are not equipped to handle files that are that big.

Fortunately, there's a lot of software that offers Large File Support (LFS) and will happily download files of that size. Firefox is one - a free, open source web browser. Most decent download managers (FlashGet, GetRight, etc) should also work fine.

Here at AusGamers, the hardcore command line junkies use the popular tool wget - check your favourite search engine for the latest version (old versions of wget do not have LFS)."

I wonder if this is just a cop out so you will get their partners DL manager or what.....I was going to try to download from this site if my fileshack download ends up being corrupted like so many other folks...anyone able to debunk this statement or validate it's accuracy?

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