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# 1 Romulan FAD Build
12-11-2013, 08:51 AM

I'm working on a build. I want a Ha'feh that can do a quick attack but unloads insanely. Also, I'm can handle PVP and PVE. I do Kerrat, PvE, and STF's. I have been hammered by Cubes and Klingons but survived easily. My reputation system is focused on healing, structural reinforcement, active shields and armor, plus redundant shielding. While adding critical damage.


I'm waiting for my fleet to get tier level to get XII very rare armor and tactical consoles increasing critical damage My DOFF'S are focused on shortening recharge time of weapons.

In combat, I can do 2,800+ tetryon damage with a 980+ dps from one weapon x 4. (not including all other weapons). When I'm finish I should be able to decimate tactical cubes easily.


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