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12-12-2013, 10:33 AM
Hi all bonus damage is based off of the base damage of each weapon.

Skills like Starship Weapons Training add .5% per point so if you maxed it out at 99 it would add 49.5% of the base damage.
Accolade adds 2%,
Mk level adds about 10% per each a MK XII will add 120%
Rarity adds 2.5% per level so ultra rare adds 10%
Each Dmg mod adds 5%
Consoles add what they say do. So a VR MK XII will add 30%
After you add up all the bonuses you have base + (base * bonus)
Base damage are

Turret 45
Cannon 67.15
Dual cannons 87.05
Beam array 100
Beam bank 130
Dual heavy cannons 174.1

After you have that number you take your power level minus 50, times .02.

I do not know how attack patterns work sorry I never looked into it.

ship tier don't matter for weapons.
I am @allenlabarge in game

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