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I was in a star cluster and when i tried to beam down i got the ship on the ground bug. So i beamed back up and when i did all the gear on my starship was missing. I do not have the ability to go to full impulse, have shields or use weapons. It is acting as if my doll is naked. On top of that when i hover over another ship item in inventory it will still show me what i had equipped in that location before the glitch. Though it would not let me drag the item into the doll.

I restarted the game thinking it might be a more minor glitch but when i got back in I had the same symptoms and on top of that the engines i dragged into my paper doll to see if i could get stuff in were now on my paper doll, though they wont modify anything, i still cant go to full impulse and i move at a real snail pace and my previous engines are gone.

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