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im very on the fence about purchasing this, i did a preorder yesterday and got a download code. having major issued getting the file and if im unable to decide whether or not this game is playable prior to its release, theres no way im dropping 50 bucks for it, ill wait for the PS3 or 360 version. my history with MMORPGs is spotty at best. every attempt ive made to play one of them has ended in disaster. if this thing doesnt download and im unable to check it out ill be cancelling my pre-order in the next day or two.

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01-13-2010, 02:30 PM
What do you mean "if I'm unable to check it out?" it's not a trial.....

We're supposed to be having problems, we're supposed to be crashing and lagging out the servers, and we're supposed to be getting stuck in places at this time lol
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01-13-2010, 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by terrencelee View Post
ill wait for the PS3 or 360 version.
First, you may be waiting a VERY long time for that. There is an unofficial block on the 360 version due to MS and their view of what is good for their platform and how they want their business to be run (or how they want to run other companies they don't own, more specifically). Even still, it will be the same price, if not more, and will also require a monthly fee just as the PC version dies. Just an FYI.

Second, this is open beta, it is STILL beta and not some kind of preview. I did a big chunk of closed beta. The current build with performance and content is not unlike the build from about a month and a half before open beta. They rolled it back to look at some older issues again. To make this type of judgment is TOTALLY your right, but I have to express concern for your knee ligaments. That was a mighty jerk there which causes me to wounder if you started limping yet.

In all seriousness, give it through closed beta, at least. you may be surprised... I was, by open beta. There are some things I would like to see happen. Hopefully they will.
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01-13-2010, 02:43 PM
i know its not a trial, but the guy at gamestop said if i was unsure about purchasing a PC game that i could give this a try and if i didnt like it he would refund my pre-order cost. so its SORT of a trial in my twisted little mind.

i wouldnt have such a knee jerk reaction if i hadnt crashed and burned so badly with FF online (i still have a bad taste in my mouth from that one) most of my issues are related to technical problems. i simply dont know much about networking and hardware , so when i go to play games if its more than pressing XY up/down on a controller, chances are im not going to be able to play it. so thats why i say if i cant even get past this part of the "game" no way im going to spend 50 bucks for it to collect dust like FF11 did. im not even sure if i can use a controller for this yet! that will be a major decisive factor for me as well.

the cash isnt the problem, really its not, in my eyes its the issue of wasting the time.

update: my torrent is coming through at 150 kbs now that i killed the uploading portion of it. (i hate leeching but...)
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01-13-2010, 02:55 PM
Then, given the control schema thing you mentioned, realize that the Xbox 360 control compatibility is almost complete. Last I read people were using one to play with only little difficulty.

FF was a bomb all around. That wasn't bad taste, that was a bad design.
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01-13-2010, 03:03 PM
you can imagine my annoyance being such a hardcore ff gamer and then having that THING sold under the guise of final fantasy...

thats good to hear i have a 360 wired controller that i used in a trial of WoW. i downloaded it just to see if i could play it before pre-ordering STO. if this does manage to download in the next 24 hours ill more than likely keep my pre-order.

thx for the info

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