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We will be bringing down the Tribble server for maintenance to apply a new update: ST.35.20131117a.28

  • Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone
    • Updated waypoints in the Allied and Contested Zones so that the text displayed when hovering the mouse over a waypoint on the map will tell which mission and submission it is associated with.
      • Examples: "Joint Command - Medical Emergency" or "Voth Front - Extract Special Forces."
    • Updated area missions in the Allied and Contested Zones so that mission journal text updates to reflect whichever mission objectives you've been given.
      • Example: If you are given the "Medical Emergency" mission, your mission journal text will explain this particular mission and what to do.
    • New arrows now appear above contacts and objectives for missions in the Adventure Zone.
    • New waypoint brackets display on screen for the location of a mission objective in addition to the standard waypoint displayed on the mini map.
    • Waypoints for area missions in the sphere are now colored green.
    • Waypoints for found missions in the sphere are now colored purple.
    • Daily missions for the Allied Zone and Contested Zone have been removed.
      • You will instead earn a Dyson commendation by completing any one area mission.
      • Completing an area mission in the Dyson sphere space adventure zone, an appropriate battlezone mission, or "Storming the Spire" or "The Breach" queued event will award one Dyson commendation once per 20 hours.
        • Earning that commendation will now display the message "You have earned a Dyson commendation! You will be eligible for an additional commendation in 20 hours."
    • Dyson Joint Command has generated a computer map update that will allow your ship's computer to show HUD elements for your missions in progress in the Sphere.
      • You will see reticles indicating the location of a mission destination while you are far away, and a pointing arrow indicating the location of your mission when up close.
    • Contested Zone: Addressed an issue that could cause the U.S.S. Mumbai to not be in the correct position to offer the found mission "Clean Up Pollution" in the industrial area.
    • Resolved a typo in the "Supply Depot - Deliver Supplies" mission that would cause an interact button to display "Pad Three" instead of "Pad Nine."
  • Battlezone
    • New FX for battlezone powerups and command coins has been added.
    • Updated the art style of the waypoint arrows.
  • Winter Event
    • Resolved an issue which was occasionally rewarding presents incorrectly in the Winter Invasion.
    • Red Wintercoat Long Female Upper now correctly has a red belt.
    • Targ pups can now be activated in the Winter Wonderland.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing players at certain level ranges from being able to use the weapons they received from Special Equipment Pack - Voth Antiproton Weapons.
    • Players at all level ranges will now receive an item they can use when opening these packages.
  • There is now a special event filter in PVE options.
    • This would be for special events such as the Winter Invasion.
    • Rewards for special events also display a new Reward icon in the PVE queue window.
  • The Obelisk Carrier can now be purchased after unlocking Tier 1 for the Fleet Spire.

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