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# 1 Next Reputation Chain? [Ideas]
12-18-2013, 09:52 AM
Anyone have ideas for the next reputation? I saw a Mirror Universe idea one somewhere around here awhile ago. I thought it'd be perfect.

Terran Empire Protection Agency

Backstory: The Terran Empire get someone or something or do something that makes them kinda dangerous (what a change) and Starfleet, the KDF and the RR team up to stop them.

This New Reputation System (Let's call it Season 8.5, why not) would include in its release:

+ New Featured Episode (Like "Sphere of Influence)

- Additionally, some mission reward ideas: A very rare weapon/console, a special Boff, and maybe even, for a limited time, a Mirror Universe Galaxy Class Crusader Cruiser*

+ New Mirror Universe STF Missions (and, possibly, an Elite STF version of the event fleet action)**

- At least 1 Space and 1 Ground, each with corresponding normal and elite variants

+ New Rep and Rewards:

Tier 1:

- Mk XII Science Console - Omnicore Combat Matrix***
- Mk XII Ground Set Personal Shield
- Store Unlock: Blue Quality Mirror Universe Doffs
- Costume Unlock: 2409 Mirror Universe Antares Uniform

Tier 2:

- Very Rare Ship Device - Trilithium EPS Afterburner****
- Mk XII Space Set Deflector Array
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic (I don't know) Phaser Pistols
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Assault Firearms

Tier 3:

- Mk XII Ground Set Combat Armor
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Beam Arrays
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Dual Beam Banks
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Metaphasic Mine Launchers
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Metaphasic Torpedo Launchers

Tier 4:

- Mk XII Ground Set Weapon
- Mk XII Space Set Impulse Engines
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Cannons
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Turrets
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Rifles
- Store Unlock: Purple Quality Mirror Universe Doffs

Tier 5:

- Mk XII Space Weapon - Polaric Quantum Torpedo Launcher
- Mk XII Space Set Shield Array
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Dual Cannons
- Store Unlock: Mk XII Cryptonic Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons
- Costume Unlock: Mirror Universe Federation Ship Material (Fed only)
- Costume Unlock: Mirror Universe Klingon Ship Material (KDF only)
- Costume Unlock: Mirror Universe Romulan Ship Material (RR only)


*Proposal Stat Ideas:

Hull: 40,000
Shield Modifier: 1
Weapons: 4/4
Crew: 1000
Boff Layout: Cmdr -- Lt Cmdr -- Lt -- Ens -- Lt
Consoles: 4/4/2
Turn Rate: 7
Inertia Rating: 25
Bonus Power: +10 Weapons, +5 Shields, +5 Engines

**Mission Reward Ideas Normal/Elite (Ground):

25/60 (40/95) Terran Empire Marks (+15 for optional objective completion)
480/960 (720/1440) Dilithium Ore (+50% for ground missions)
3/At least 5 Veteran Service Medals (a.k.a. Terran Empire "BNP")*****

***"The Terran Empire, being more militarily invested than the Prime Universe Federation, has developed an advanced computer processor dedicated to A.I.-assisted combat situations. While tactically focused, the matrix has been specifically designed to fit into the ship's scientific systems so as to not compromise firepower."

Proposed Stats:
+15% Energy Weapon Damage when auxiliary power is above 75
+11.2 Starship Targeting Systems
When receiving Energy Damage, 3% chance to apply "Emergency Attack Protocols" (max once per 3 minutes):

+5% All Damage for every enemy targeting you for 45 seconds

****"This Unique Device is configured to link externally with ship systems without burning out after a certain amount of usage. It pushes EPS systems into overdrive momentarily, though it often destabilizes the ship's structural integrity. The Terran Empire uses it often as a 'last ditch effort' as it proves to be a more elegant solution than 'ramming speed.'"

Proposed Stats:
(4 minute cooldown on use)
+50% Energy Weapon Attack Speed for 10 seconds
No Energy Weapon power drain for 10 seconds
-63 All Damage resistance for 12 seconds

*****My idea behind the service medals is that it functions both as the new "Commendation" for 20 hour rep projects, as well as the "BNP" with differing costs to match value:

"File Engagement Report on the Terran Empire" (20hr rep project) - 5 Service Medals

"Support Intelligence Briefings" (1hr rep project) - 20 Terran Empire Marks, 10,000 Expertise

"Present Veteran Status" (1000 dilithium project) - 15 Service Medals

"Return Service for Resources" (500 dilithium project) - 50 Terran Empire Marks

"Exchange Marks of Service for Medals" (Rewards 30 Service Medals) - 200 Terran Empire Marks

Undocumented Notes:

"Cryptonic Phasers:" These phasers are a darker, crimson-like red. Instead of the normal phaser proc, they have a 2.5% chance to not drain any weapon power for 15 seconds. They also come with an innate 2% increased critical hit chance, though they are allowed 1 less modifier.

"Metaphasic Torpedos and Mines:" These are silvery-white in appearance and have a 33% chance to lower an enemy's defense by 5% for 10 seconds (~90% photon damage, 8 second cooldown)

Costume unlocks: You get to wear Mirror Universe Uniforms from the 25th Century as well as use the mirror ship material on all* your ships (provided there isn't already one)

*"All" depending on how easy it is for poor Cryptic to make new mirror material models

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