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Three or four times I tried to do this mission. The first time, I fought Orions, and disconnected from server in the middle of the fight. On continuing, I basically restarted the mission, except it was Klingons.
I made my way through a few waves, then got a hail from a Klingon. He was angry, so I started to beat him up. I got him down to a sliver of health, and got disconnected again.
On continuing, I was able to start at the final battle with the Negh'Var. Almost killed him, disconnected again.
At this point, I suspected he was cheating. I came back in the middle of the battle, and again nearly killed him, before being disconnected.
This time, I had to restart the whole mission. The server came down for this evening's patch, so I didn't get to see if the final Klingon had kept his meta-disconnect-me-from-the-server-when-he's-about-to-die-weapon.

Additionally, the mission goal at the beginning was "Approachbase" (one word) and the NPCs were messed up. The base's NPC did not appear correctly (once it was a "crash test dummy" and the other times it looked like a piece of ship) and the Klingon who hailed me was a black screen.

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