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# 1 Honor of Ferasa
12-22-2013, 03:02 PM

Faction: Klingon
Level: 35+

On the Klingon-allied world of Ferasa, the Ferasan Clans have always kept their problems to themselves. It is a matter of pride for the Prides to deal with their own. Now, one of the Ferasan clans have made plans for themselves that will affect not only Ferasa but the Galaxy at large. At the behest of the High Council you and two other Ambassadors must unravel the mysterious goings-on of the Ferasans before they unleash their plan on the Galaxy.

===This Mission Contains===
Klingon Diplomacy (That is, Diplomacy with a Bat'leth)
Ferasans and Caitians
Lots of Dialogue and Ground Combat
Federation PetaQ'

==Side Effects Include==
Disgust at Ferasan Nepeta
Desire to Punch Kill-Stealing NPCs

Submitted to Cryptic for Featuring as of January 7, 2014.

Version 1.6
-Slight quest and dialogue changes to reflect better upon the mission.
- Spelling corrections.
- Final Version

Version 1.5
-Ferasan Cruisers slightly reskinned to match ENT concept art for their ships.

UPDATED to Version 1.4
-Ambassador S'tass has been slightly upgraded to more closely match the version created by Cryptic.

UPDATED to Version 1.3
-The Orion Ambassador now despawns as proper.
-Ambassador S'taass should now help you against the U.S.S. Harmony, that really lazy Gorn.

UPDATED to Version 1.2:
Fixed description to include a starting point.
Ambassador S'taass will now help you against the U.S.S. Harmony, lazy Gorn.

UPDATED to V1.1: A spawning bug is affecting NPCs in this mission. Most of the important ones have been corrected but one is sadly going to have to stay in for progression reasons. The others have had subtle alterations to account for the bug.

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