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I didn't knew where to put this so I thought I would place it here.

The following is not working for me.

1) When I am making my signature, I would like to have the text a bit larger. So I used the SIZE button to have the code be added automatically. But when I do that it adds the code but my signature text remains the same and when I click on PREVIEW I get a line like this:

[SIZE="5"]Everyone is gifted, it's just that not everybody opens its package[/SIZE]

Is this a fault in the settings of BBCode/HTML?
It clearly states that SIZE BBCODE is ON

Signature Permissions
Allow Basic BBCode Yes
Allow Color BBCode Yes
Allow Size BBCode Yes
Allow Font BBCode Yes
Allow Alignment BBCode Yes
Allow List BBCode Yes
Allow Link BBCode Yes
Allow HTML No

Allow [IMG] Code No
Allow Code BBCode Yes
Allow PHP BBCode Yes
Allow HTML BBCode Yes
Allow Quote BBCode Yes
Allow Smilies Yes
Can Upload Images for Signature No
Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature No

I hope this can be fixed also.


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