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# 1 Dialogue boxes
01-14-2010, 06:47 AM
These things are seriously becoming annoying with their 'in your face' attitude. This needs to be removed and replaced with a less intrusive communications platform.

E.G I doing combat and one of these stupid panels comes up and I instantly lose the ability to see what I am doing, not to mention being rendered inert until I make the thing go away. Which I do as quickly as possible.
Hence I dont read it ANYWAY and the information soars over my head thus the point of the expostion is wasted.

Even more problamatic, is that in the mission Hide and Seek, I kept getting the same dialogue box over and over again. I clicked exit - it comes back - I clicked all the information boxes THEN exit - it still comes back.
I click the X it comes back again. I got stuck in an infinetly repeating loop of boxes for a good while until it finally seemed to register I wanted it to go AWAY.

I have noticed this in other dialogues as well thus I think the best solution is to make these annoucements only come up after combat is finished. A little box indicating a message in the right hand corner would also work thus if people want to look they can see it and click it. Otherwise we can operate doing our thing then deal with the next thing.

I understand that some dialogues might be more important in missions so for critical information like I'm about to be attacked by 50 Borg cubes then fine. Getting 'urgent fluff' from the guy I'm rescuing in the middile of a firefight - no thank you.

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