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Yesterday, I did the Fleet Action for the first time and did the rescue mission to get the 6 scientists off Starbase 13 and download the data. When I beamed in, I beamed in alone, but didn't think anything of it until I went to fight the first pack of Klingons in the room off to the right of the starting area. I got absolutely annihilated. Respawned and went back, got annihilated again. Lather, rinse, repeat, but would sometimes manage to kill one of the pack before his buddies would obliterate me. At first, I thought the tactic the devs had in mind was for me to pull the Klingon packs back to the starting area and get the four NPC's there to help me kill them. But as I got further down the hallway, that got almost impossible. I slogged through the whole mission by myself, took about 2 hours to get through, a heckuva lot of cursing as I chipped away at the packs of mobs and died A LOT, trying to figure out how the heck you were supposed to do this mission without backup. After finally managing to kill everything, rescue the scientists, and get the data, I went back to my ship, couldn't find the rally point and ended up warping out of the system without completing the questline.

A few minutes later, went back to the Fleet Action again, decided to try the rescue mission again, but this time when I chose to beam down, I was given an Away Team chooser and I beamed in with a full Away Team. I completed the mission in about 15 minutes with no deaths, and managed to find the rally point and completed the questline.

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