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The purpose of this post is to provide information about the Season 8 changes to the head and face. Since crypticjoejing has already created a thread about the changes to the eyes, I shall not discuss the eyes here. On 11/12, the patch containing Season 8 was released to Holodeck. On 12/5, the winter event patch, which contained further changes to the character models, was released to Holodeck.

11/12 patch

The 11/12 patch to Holodeck made female heads smaller. I did not notice any difference in the size of the male heads. If the male heads were also made smaller, the difference must be very small. The 11/12 patch also introduced texture changes to the faces of both males and females. The new textures made female faces lighter and shinier. The new textures also had less shading; that is, the contrast between the light and dark areas of the face was reduced. Male faces also became lighter, and the shading of male faces was similarly reduced.

12/5 patch

The 12/5 patch increased the size of the female heads, but they are still smaller than they were before Season 8. The 12/5 patch also updated the female face textures to make them look closer to their appearance before Season 8. The shading has been restored, though female faces remain slightly lighter and shinier than they were before Season 8. The male face textures remain the same as they were in the 11/12 patch.


Vulcan female: Head
Before Season 8, After 11/12 patch, After 12/5 patch

Andorian male: Head
Before Season 8, After 11/12 patch, After 12/5 patch
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12-31-2013, 11:47 PM
i hope they fix this.

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