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About ambient oclusion. I notice that the ambient oclusion on STO is really horrible, not only it is not actually ambient oclusion, but the shadows that produces are really annoying and disturbing. Having a black smoothly shadow around my character doesnt look quite well, its really disturbing. This is mostly a note, since i play with the ambient oclusion deactivated (there is no point on having it on, since its not actually working).

The only graphic issue i have in the game is at Defera. When i go stealth, in the borg assimilated parts where u can see those tubes on the ground (mostly the power plant or the surroundings of the city) my character is mixed with the ground and those tubes, how to explain, it looks like you are walking below the floor.. xD.

So, anyone with this issue? its not really a big deal, but i am mostly surprised that this still happens.

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