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All right, there seems to be a definite pattern here. I'm doing the "Secure Serius Sector Block" mission from Akira Sulu. After a session, I click "m" to bring up my map, and then I bring up the change-instances window. It works sometimes, but mostly, it logs me off. If I had to give it a percentage, it's probably about 70% kicks me off, 40% successfully transfers me to a new instance. Now for some reason, I've been pretty routinely getting kicked off the server while trying to switch into a new instance.

And when I try to log back in, I constantly get the "disconnected from the account server" error. And I usually can't get back on for at least five minutes or so.

So yeah, I think there's probably something up with the instancing again. Just wanted you guys to be aware.

Back to testing...

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