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Okay, I have a werid problem.

When I load STO or CO, and play for a while, I play for as long as I want, then I close the client via the 'exit'.

That's when the problems start; primarily, Google Talk will freeze. The werid part is this; when I close the program and restart it, it stops responding on the login page.

The bigger problem is, if I launch CO or STO again, THEY freeze at the Cryptic logo page. (IE the first image that comes up after launching from the game launcher.)

Again, closing them and restarting the programs does nothing. Logging out also does nothing to resolve the issue. The only thing that works seems to be restarting the computer completely.

Now, I have no idea if this is actually the Gameclient's fault, but if anyone else is having similar issues, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could let me know, or better yet point me in the direction of resolving this annoying issue.

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