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# 1 Super Lag
01-15-2010, 05:36 AM
I'm putting this up here because I'm not sure if this is more a problem on my side or the server.

On Away team missions I'm getting super lag, 4000+. This morning I log in and try and do the 2nd Tutorial ground mission, my ping goes up to 400,000. Yep you read that right, 400K. I'm getting no server disconnect msg. just super massive lag.

Some of the other posts seem to say that this might be an ISP problem. How can I check that? My brother on DSL can play the game with almost no lag during peak, I think his topped out at 200-400 range.
And I have Cox Broadband. It's not a graphics issue because I'm watching /netgraph and it shows this horrible lag.

Anyway any help/thoughts would be nice. I would love to get into the game and try and find other ways to break it.

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