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As I'm sure many of you know STO has lots of problems.

It doesn't work right with NVidia cards still.

The lag is unbearable in what is actually a closed beta (Can't call this open)

And plenty of other problems that haven't been addressed.

Cryptic has a history of this. Of never managing to have something finished on the deadline. The only time they ever managed it was back when NCsoft was breathing down their necks. Without that they've gotten sloppy.
Champions Beta, everyone in it was saying "don't release it don't release it now push back the release!" yet Cryptic didn't listen and still made huge changes the day before release. Lets not forget the horrific lag issues as well.

Now we know Jack has had minimal involvement. This can only be a good thing but the community needs assurance. You can't say "Well we're too busy working on it to say anything". No. Cryptic does not have that right. Your history is of ignoring the community and your customers and in some cases outright deriding and insulting them.

You have to say that you are aware of the community's grievances. You have to at least give a vague idea of what you're doing about them. Being silent just suggests that you're ignoring people again.

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