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Dear Cryptic Colleagues,

Please address the issue that I was unable to play in normal circumstance because of furious lagging. I dont know how to check the ping inside the game but for your reference as I live in Hong Kong and I login to US World of ******** realms normally got 120~160ping and it's fairly smooth.

I look forward for your immediate rectifications and positive recommendations.

Many thanks.

a Star Trek Fans
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01-15-2010, 08:07 AM
I'd also like to know how to check ping, I'm sure there's a command for it somewhere I'll have a look around.

120 ping from Hong Kong to the US in WoW? Doubtful...
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01-15-2010, 08:27 AM
type "/netgraph 1" in chat to show ping
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01-15-2010, 10:48 AM
This is a repost from another thread:

Help! I'm getting this as well! Along with really bad rubberbanding. (netgraph shows spikes every second!) I live in the Philippines.

I've actually tried three internet connections:

First was my cable internet. (Sky Broadband--for some reason it shows my location as from the UK.) No matter what time of the day, I kept getting the server response error and bad rubberbanding. Never was able to play properly. I guess this was to be expected, because my cable internet isn't very friendly with online gaming. Something to do with proxy servers or bursting or throttling or whatever.

Second was my DSL connection. During off-peak hours, I found that I was able to play smoothly, with few lag spikes and even fewer disconnections. But during peak hours--now, as I type this--it's just as bad as my cable internet. Frustrating, knowing that I have no problems with other online games on DSL.

[b]Third.... was a HSDPA USB modem. It's like using 3G internet on your iPhone. But it worked. Constant latency. No lag spikes. I may as well just use internet tethering on my iPhone! I don't understand how I'm able to get playable pings on STO.

Now, you might tell me just to stick with the HSDPA modem. But it's prepaid and quite expensive--I don't want to be paying for two subscriptions just to play. (STO + HSDPA.) Moreover, my brother would like to get into the game. But as it is now, I can't imagine how we can even stay connected for the tutorial.

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