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12-13-2013, 06:25 AM
The one thing that stands out apart from this list is just "flavor" and its probably a fed problem too.

My favorite character is an orion female.
-- everyone on my team calls me SIR.

-- everyone not on my team calls me "klingon" and babbles about honor and gives these sort of backhanded insults that might aggravate an actual klingon.

-- My crew are all pirates because they made that racial bonus better than anything else that can be had cheaply. So, my character is an orion (not exactly known for morality) with 5 pirates on deck and I have had pop ups about how something I was going to do may not be honorable or something?? What the empire does not know won't hurt em, sez I.
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12-13-2013, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by aoav160 View Post
The Nog's Nog recipe in will not start the mission with the chef in Q's WW for a lot of KDF. Not fixed in 12 Dec patch.
I just did this "recipe" last night (12 Dec, after patch in the morning) on my Klingon worked. I will try it on the Eng or Sci today.

I wonder if it is a problem with the "recipe" token itself...maybe start it over with another one? I don't know what else you could try.

(Eh...disregard, I see this says "some KDF", not "All KDF"...another weird thing.)

(Oh, I just thought of something else, I used a "recipe" token I found yesterday, after the patch. If you are trying to use a "recipe" token you found earlier than that, it could be a faulty one.)

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Another one for the pile that was overlooked

The B'vest armor pieces that used to be unlocked for Omega optionals are no longer available. It was broken in S7 (or thereabouts) and still not fixed.
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01-17-2014, 03:47 AM
Bringing Down the House:

1) Female Farmers in the Ketha lowlands have male voice overs

The House Always Wins:

1) End of Bringing Down the House/Beginning of The House Always Wins: Before beaming up from Forcas III after completing all map objectives, Worf suddenly repeats his "M'Ven! NOOO!" cry, totally out of the blue.
2) The short dialogue between K'mtar and Torg in the last room of the Gorath surface map is missing its voice overs.
3) SEVERE BUG: Upon completion of The House Always Wins in the High Council hall, you are rewarded the BOff "B'Ellara2" by J'mpok - that's because you've already gotten "B'ellara" from Worf after completing Bringing Down the House on Forcas III!!! Someone messed up rearranging the mission rewards!
4) Upon finding out that the House of Torg is involved in treachery and going back to Qo'noS to participate in M'ven's funeral ceremony, just when you enter Qo'noS orbit before you beam down to Ketha Lowlands, your Boffs VO trigers and repeats the sequence he is suposed to say after you destroy Tarsen's ship and need to beam down to Forcas III.

Bootyboots, you should elaborate a bit on: "KDF voice overs not an par Romulans" - is this a sentence? What exactly do you mean?
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My HoH'SuS still doesnt have the warp in/out animation... it just casually flys away
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You forgot to apply that the jem hadar ground armor visuals don't show up on kdf but they do show for fed players!
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Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
My HoH'SuS still doesnt have the warp in/out animation... it just casually flys away
Wow, is that still a thing? That ship has been in game for ages and it's still not fixed.
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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Wow, is that still a thing? That ship has been in game for ages and it's still not fixed.
It first off all a bug and we know how quickly those get fixed.

Additional it a KDF bug which means Cryptic those not care and will not fix.
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04-18-2014, 07:12 PM
"Switch Ships" button will only let you switch to your current small craft while in Qo'Nos system social zone, and will not let you switch to another starship. Characters can switch to any ship while in Sol system and New Romulus system social zones. Its like nobody tested Qo'Nos. I reported this bug a while back and since it has not yet been fixed it seems like its one of the new KDF perma-bugs, so its going on the dung heap of fame.

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