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Originally Posted by ayark View Post
Both of you make interesting cases... What tier is the starbase and mine for both fleets, and how many members are there?

Keep in mind that I will not be on my Romulan much until I get my Fed to 50. Then he will be my focus before my Orion KDF.

EDIT: I am logging him in now. I can't get anyone online to help me with a mission on Fed. Add Lurius@ayark and we will speak.
The current membership of the Tal'Diann numbers 140.

Our Dilithium Mine is at Tier 1. We will shortly begin upgrading the Development Facilities to Tier 2. We have a handful of projects left to do before we can begin upgrading the Trade Facilities to Tier 2. Once both of those upgrades are accomplished, we can start work on upgrading the Mine itself to Tier 2.

Our Embassy is at Tier 1. We got to this last week, so it will take a bit longer before we can begin the next upgrades on that holding.

Our Spire is currently upgrading the Research Facilities to Tier 1. As soon as that upgrade is finished, we will begin the upgrade of the Operations Facilities to Tier 1. Once that is finished, we can begin upgrading the Spire to Tier 1.

Our Starbase is currently upgrading the Communications Array to Tier 2. We should be able to begin upgrading the Shipyard to Tier 2 after that has been finished, although some projects will have to complete first. The Industrial Fabricator still needs a bit of work before it can be upgraded to Tier 2, but once all these projects and upgrades have been completed, we can begin to upgrade the Starbase itself to Tier 2.

Considering that our fleet organization was approved by Proconsul D'Tan on Stardate 91077.19 ((21 June 2013, at 11:09:17pm, Central Daylight Time, USA,)), the moment when the new order of the Tal'Diann began, under the authority of the New Romulan Republic (as opposed to the old Romulan Star Empire), with galae'Enriov Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell at the helm, I would say we're doing quite well.

We would of course welcome additional assistance from any Rihanha (Romulan) or Havranha (Reman) loyal to the Kreh'dhhokh Mol'Rihan (New Romulan Republic) who is allied with the Orion Syndicate / Klingon Empire, as well as any Orion, Klingon, Trill, or member of any other species who is a citizen of the Orion Syndicate / Klingon Empire.

Tal'Diann (Phi'Tlaru Rihan) ~(‾.▿.‾)~ Tal'Diann (Romulan Military Intelligence)
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The Romulan Praetorian Guard endorses both of these organisations.

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