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Please post your feedback and any bugs found for the new feature Quick Equip in this thread:

Quick Equip:
  • This feature allows you to click on a equip slot for your captain, bridge officer, and ship and have access to all items that can be slotted in that spot without having to go to your inventory.
  • Directions:
    • Left click on a slot that can equip an item or device such as Fore Weapons slot on your ship.
    • An Equip menu will appear which will show all items in your inventory that are able to be equipped in that selected slot.
    • Left click on the item you want and it will be placed into the slot.
  • The items stored in banks will be available for fast equip when interacting with the bank.
  • The items equipped on other ships you own will be available for fast equip when interacting with the ship selector.
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01-10-2014, 04:27 PM
I usually keep one set of phaser quad cannons on my main ship (Avenger right now) and on my Peregrine Fighter for ease of access for small-craft missions. The quick equip system allowed me to equip both sets on either ship without complaint. When I moved on to aid the SS Azura to test the changes I noticed the weapon slot with the second set of quad cannons was now empty. To my dismay these cannons no longer exist in my inventory or on either ship.

Otherwise I've had a play around with the system and it looks good. No more searching in my inventory for the right gun to deal with my current enemy, I can just see the guns in an easy menu, with the name mostly visible in the list mode (at default box size).

My only suggestion so far would be to have a checkbox option to hide items equipped on BOffs as this can produce rather numerous additional choices which I don't want to change.

Also just noticed that the box for quick equip does not remember if it's been resized or moved, but does remember whether it's in list mode or grid mode.
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01-11-2014, 03:35 AM
I tried this on a fresh character that I used to test the new Federation Tutorial. Though I'm conflicted if this is good or bad. I can see it being highly useful in switching gear. Like switching weapons from your inventory or from other BOFFs, or switching out your Borg Engine for Sector Travel for your Set Engine. HOWEVER, when I was testing out the revamped episode missions, I quickly found this new tool to be annoying as it was offering me every weapon that I had.

If I was to improve this new tool, I think having a flagging tool that let me isolate which weapons I prefer to switchout. That way I don't have to hunt down which weapon I wanted in the list that's so large I have to scroll down, and included weapons I intend to sell / destroy. (Which has great potential for accidental equipping). Secondly, the Rarity is not easy to discern. Uncommons and Rares looked like commons from this new inventory screen. Third, while the Text says where from, it all being one color and small text makes it hard to read. Perhaps color coding to tell apart from inventory, BOFFS, or your character.

But right now, I'm questioning is if this system is necessary. Because we can already click from our inventory to switch out anything on the character page. So can't help but to think we are adding another couch potato system because people are too lazy to organize their inventory and click to equip.
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01-11-2014, 07:03 AM
I don't think it was necessary. However, a way to save and load template (BOFF station, powertray and gear) would be awesome.

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01-11-2014, 08:38 AM
When I looked hard enough I noticed the small icons on the items that tell you if they are equipped to a BOFF or in your inventory, my only suggestion is to make the icons a little more noticeable and the text at the bottom of the tool tip large. Otherwise this is a very useful and convienent feature for quickly switching equipment
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01-11-2014, 02:22 PM
I don't like this. I am very good at switching gear in the ship selection screen, easily completing a change in about 20 seconds. this new system invalidates that, and made me take almost FOUR MINUTES to change my equipment.
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# 7
01-12-2014, 11:10 PM
I'm my experience with other games that manage equipment like this I have always found it unintuitive.

Now if this code can be repurposes as part of a system to save and load ship setups (equipment, bridge officers and duty officers) then I am all for it.
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# 8
01-14-2014, 09:47 AM
Tend to agree with some of the comments above about whether or not this is really needed, but that might just be because I'm used to going to inventory and swapping stuff that way. Although I suspect this will make it easier to store set on Boffs and swap them over as required which is helpful. Same goes for Auzian's comment on all the loot/junk that tends to accumulate which for someone with a fairly large loot bag can make a lot of trash to pick through when using quick equip which quickly could become slow equip.

One problem however, and this is a bug that's been annoying me since season 6 (as I recall) which is when you swap items out on ground or space (I notice it most with devices but does it with set items as well) it doesn't put the replaced item in the same tray slot and often they go off the 3 tray lines I have displayed for quick access. Same goes for powers etc as well.

So kind of makes the quick equip function a bit pointless in my book if I then have to go and mess around with the skill tray to be able to use the device I've just swapped in. So as an example, I've got a stack of hypos in Row 1, Slot 10 and I swap it out (via quick equip or the usual mode) for a stack of power cells, I'd have expected the power cells to go to Row 1, Slot 10 but they don't they go to some random other slot on the power tray and sometimes is Rows 4 to 10 which I normally don't have displayed.

So if this can be fixed as well (assuming its not in any of the remaining changes that are incoming) it will make Quick Equip more useful for quickly changing gear between engagements with either switch out mode.
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01-14-2014, 11:39 PM
Originally Posted by mattaukett View Post
One problem however, and this is a bug that's been annoying me since season 6 (as I recall) which is when you swap items out on ground or space (I notice it most with devices but does it with set items as well) it doesn't put the replaced item in the same tray slot and often they go off the 3 tray lines I have displayed for quick access. Same goes for powers etc as well.
This. This this this this this for the love of god this. Here I made a thread about it with videos, after being annoyed by this bug for multiple seasons now, that hasn't received any notice since November.

Now with that out of the way, I'm confused about the sort-order logic used by the quick equip window. It's not purely alphabetical, and it's not by slot (either vertical or horizontal) in the inventory, so how does it decide what comes in what order?

I do notice that it is split into a priority that puts all inventory items at the top before it gets to gear that is equipped on a BOFF.

When I have it set to the default list mode, my CRM-200 shows up in the middle of the "stuff in inventory" section before it starts listing my BOFF's items, as does my compressed cryo launcher and my nanopulse lirpa. The same thing happens in the "stuff equipped on BOFFS" section where it jumps from A to M to P to T to D to J back to P again in that order. It's also not by the alphabetical name of the BOFF that is holding the item either. o.O Are these items somehow mislabled on the back-end of the database with IDs that don't match the name text presented to the player?

Ways to improve:
*Single clicking the slot brings up the quick equip (as it functions now) but double click unequips the item without bringing up the menu please. There are times when you just want to remove gear without swapping it for something else, which is what quick equip is for.

*Ability to filter which sources appear in the quick equip menu. E.G. I only want it to show items in my inventory, or only items on my BOFFS, etc. (This should be a persistent setting that is always remembered so I don't have to re-check the option constantly.)
---OR a more visible icon or color stroke outline or something to show at a glance where an item is so we don't have to read the accompanying text
---OR ability to specify exactly which items should appear in the list (I'm not a fan of long lists that take a while to scroll through. )

*I am of the opinion that the sort order should follow the order in your inventory/bank/boff/ship roster and If I change the order of items in my inventory, the order in the quick equip list should change accordingly so that I can decide what shows up at the top of the list as my highest priority for truly quick switches. Please look at the way the Exchange sell tab works when you click the giant button that says "Click here or drag from your inventory" as it pulls its list order from the slot order in your inventory.

*I think the "item location priority" should go Inventory > Bank > BOFF/Ship roster (currently if you have the Bank open and open quick equip for a ground item it goes Inventory > BOFFs > Bank)

*For the ship weapon sort order, when you have the Ship Selector window open, weapons really need to be grouped by which ship they're equipped on. If I scroll through the list in the quick equip menu it's all over the place jumping from ship to ship.
---The same goes for Devices on BOFFs. In both cases this isn't an issue for items of which only one can be equipped like shields, but only for categories like devices and consoles of which there can by multiple with different names.

Not sure if you would call this a bug or as designed, but if you go to change gear on a BOFF from quick equip, gear that is equipped on your character says "Equipped on captain" instead of using your character name. And your captain gear is mixed in among the other BOFFs instead of above or below that priority section.
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01-19-2014, 08:31 AM
I've tried this feature and it seems to work fine. Though I must admit I also have to ask if its something that is really needed. It seems no faster than opening my menu and equiping the item I want. And bank items still aren't available unless you go to a bank and open it.

I have to ask, why aren't we testing the other features mentioned in the "Season 8.5 Revealed" email? Like saving premade easily changable ship builds? Or the abilty to select your ship in sector space?

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