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Space: The Final Frontier. These are the stories of Virinat Detachment. It's mission: To aid all survivors of the colony known as Virinat; To assist in any relocations of Romulan refugees and to defend the Romulan people from the tyranny of the Romulan Star Empire and its Elachi Allies.

A detachment from the Romulan Aid Task Force sent by Starfleet, the Virinat Detachment was formed to work closely with refugees and members of the new Romulan Republic to reinforce stability among the Romulan people. This particular detachment was originally assigned to the Virinat Colony.

Virinat Detachment is a Level 4 fleet that needs your help. We were founded May 14th, 2013, or Stardate 90972.73. We welcome all Federation and Federation allied Romulans into our ranks.
We only ask three things of you: 1.) Be nice to fellow fleet members, 2.) If you can, help anyone inside our out of the fleet, and 3.) Be LGBT friendly. For more information, I can be found at, in-game, as Emma@jkbennett2008, PM or mail me anytime and I will get back with you.

While we will never turn away an applicant, we are trying to find active players to add new life into the fleet. By active, all I mean is that you talk in fleet chat, you try to donate to fleet projects, etc. Donating to the fleet projects is NOT required to stay in the fleet. As it stands, you will never be kicked out for inactivity. I know there are larger fleets out there that have all of the tiers in all the holdings, with maybe the exception of the Fleet Spire , but with your help, we can make Virinat Detachment a fleet like no other.

Thank-You for reading this and I look forward to talking with you.

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We are still recruiting. Virinat has a long road ahead of it, but with your help that road can be fun and less bumpy, if that makes any sense. If you'd like to try Virinat out, just give me a contact in-game at Emma@jkbennett2008 or Tal'ina@jkbennett2008. You have no pressure to stay if it doesn't suit your needs/wants from the game. Consider it a Free Trial, although membership is always free.

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Virinat Detachment Youtube Channel
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03-24-2014, 11:35 PM
A fleet with good people, and allied with another of good standing. SB in progress, and are always willing to help and team up for Featured Events/STF's. Relaxed atmosphere with a focus on being respectful of other players and just having a good time.

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