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# 1 Graphics Crash
01-16-2010, 01:52 AM
I was adjusting the graphics and the screen resloution shortly after that the computer crashed. Went to bed for the night came back on at 3:30 am cst played for a few min loads of lad then computer crashed again. Waited a few min started up computer again logged in 10 seconds later crashed again. I have a 1080p Hanns.G monitor. Nvidia GTX 260 I know there are a lot of problems with the Cards so far. Before it crashed last night I played for a few hours and no problem. Looks a hole lot better when resolution was increased to max level. No problems with missions as of yet. Server is laggy but to be expected. Hope this gets through to staff if the issue has already been report email me please. Dont just delete it this time!

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