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This is my list of bugs that i am reporting for the day:

LAGGG!!! The lag is really bad. It hasn't gotten any better or worse. Please deal with this lag issue whenever you can so we can more effectively beta test the game.

The loading screens are becoming scary for us beta testers now. One or all the following combinations happen most of the time:
- Loading screen crashes and i'm forced to exit STO and re-login
- Loading screen takes way to stinking long
- Loading screen crashes, then boots me from the server

When the video shows me jumping into warp, it looks like that short video clip lags, then my ship appears where it started again after jumping into warp then disapears again.

Whenever i beam down some where, i'm a ship instead of a person and vice versa when i go from station to space...Yes, this bug is STILL here dispite ya'all saying a patch fixes it...And if anything this problem has gotten worse.

Whenever i put someone who is hailing me on screen, i get a window that shows a picture of the person on the left, and dialoge on the right. Everything looks fine, except that when the picture of the person is rendered, it looks like some kind of rendering lag, where only half of the person's face renders, then a split-second later the rest of the face does.

The mission titled "Patrol Orion Sector" is broken. For example, i go to a specific star system that i'm supposed to patrol, and i finish completing that objective. When that objective is complete, i am prompted to leave the system. When i leave the system, the Mission/objective list on the right of my screen doesn't show that i completed the mission. A friend in my fleet had to complete an objective in that mission FIVE TIMES before the Mission was actually considered completed.

Star Trek Online is infected with Microsoft...I know it's not your guy's fault, but we forgive you

Well, that concludes my bug report for the day. If any of you Devs need to get more detail from the list of bugs i reported feel free to send me a PM.

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