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# 1 Chances of Working on Release?
01-16-2010, 11:08 AM
*I have managed to fix my problem, by deleting, starting back from the .rar file, there was a 192mb patch that i didn't have somehow*

Hi All,

I live in the UK, At the moment I can barely connect, At all, Off peak hours I can Log In fine, But have major rubber banding, at peak times, I cant even connect to the servers.

Apparently a lot of people are having these problems, and no one seems to have any ideas how to fix this, I can play any other MMORPG's fine.

The proxy's don't work for me, nothing changes how well I can connect. Not even in the slightest.

I am currently considering cancelling my pre order, I understand this is a beta, from what I've played I love this game, I would definitely consider buying a lifetime membership. I want to play but I'm not going to risk losing 30 ($50) on something that I may not get to play.

The Bottom line: If I'm still unable to connect, I'm Not paying.

Do you think it might get sorted out?

[Note] *This isn't a rant about this game, I want to play it.*

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