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Originally Posted by ilhansk View Post
Hello my friend how are you doing? I miss you guys too.

Kinda saw it as my duty trying to motivate our folks to tap into their full potential, and I remember the moaning and eyes rolling hehe, but look how far we got in such a short amount of time

Do you remember Andre? He left the game about a year ago. He is back into his old job and found his soulmate to which I had the honour to be introduced to. He thanked for the company and for the fun we all had together. For me, this is whats meaningful, wouldn't you agree?

Why am I mentioning it?

At the end, having fun and making friends is more important and meaningful than anything else. And I believe it shouldn't be just "us" to have fun, everybody - no matter the fleet tag - should have a fair chance to enjoy this game and to have fun. IMO it's just unnecessary to argue with others on the forum who have different opinion on meaningless game mechanics. It certainly shouldn't be done at the cost of friendships.

Cya soon

I agree with you,.. and yes i remember Andre. Cool old times.. that was fun.

If you have some time, come our TS.. lets talk.

I miss the old times.. .



Do you remember this one.. Best match i ever had,.. i love it, i look it 2-3 times in a week.

PPS. Sorry for off Topic

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Originally Posted by usshannibal View Post
all right, thats why the sto forum cannot be taken seriously because of such senseless and bull**** comments and arguments from some guys here including u broken.
But let's put the record straight since u stretched the truth alot from what i have seen so far:
I can confirm that we had a 1v1 match where u were able to kill me multiple times but there is only one reason why u were capable of doing that: I was experimenting with my energie levels since i had an elite warpcore with the AMP trait and i had the idea to set the energie levels in an essembly so that all my energie levels remain above 75 with the use of plasmonic leech in order to profit from the complete damage bonus of the AMP trait.
example: Weapon/Shields/Engine/Aux ---> 100/35/30/35
Normally i am running the energie levels at 100/15/70/15
very odd of an excuse. emergency power to s, emergency power to e. your lvls arent as low as you say.

my build has always been eps cycled. 4 rcs to try to keep up with such a lame mechanic. 2 apd, 1 evasive doff. a regular fed toon. and i always use the amp trait.

your toon was a rom in a bug. i dont need to say more. just cause you win alot of fights does not mean you know the mechanics thats going on. nore do you understand the numbers. with the skill spec you listed you can just beef up on things that your lacking with out losing anything. i hear it all the time. look i removed my borg console look at how my tool tip changed. i lost alot. i just tell them buff up with the console and with out it. you notice the out come is just about the same.

its the same thing with the t5 skill. you will never notice a difference. and a parser will show it up but its not as dramtice as you think it might seem. same goes for your extra 15% resist. only an engy or sci really uses it. and in pvp against your "faw" spam its not going to be the thing that saves you. even if you got nuked.

hannible always on sto i will butt heads with you man. but thats the nature of sto. this is the only game i seen can make peple turn on each other over stupid simple reasons. and the reason is we all have a "view" on how the game should work. so i go on with pure numbers and nothing else. cause i can safely post and back it up.

also for the record hannible you never beat me till you got a rom. also against innercircle FES has beaten your premade many many times. and yes i asked at a time to remove leech cause i did not have one. i bought one and never asked you to remove it again. i have 6 point in insulators. that does not mean you will not kill my turn rate. it will. and in escourt verse escourt 1v1 turn rate counts alot. after i killed you 3 times i let you win that match. your poor excuse of my energy is low was so bad i did not want to play. i did not want to warp either because if i did you can say yeah nice, kill me 3 times and leave. that line in itself made me lose the will to fight.

hannible i only won 3 times cause i used my evasive in a very very aggressive way. and i got my kills ONLY because you put tt on space bar. your cycle was always tt rapid omega, tt rapd delta. very dumb for a seasoned vet. once i understood your cycle i knew when to use evasives.

and on my part you can say i have a dumb excuse that epe, eps is a dumb mechanic. ill agree with you too a point. cause i can do the same. but if im just doing a normal build against a person with eps, epe my chance of wining a match drops in 1v1. you can move faster then i can and get a slight bump in turn rate. i understand whats going. its a bit sad that you seem to refuse too acknowledge it. either way i still give you credit. you are a good player. and also maybe i could have worded my post alot better. but when i see that you say 1.7% crith and 25% critd is alot i just have to lol at that. for 6 points thats very expansive and its not alot. for that cost in points i can spec sencors a bit more. if its a 1v1 build sure go spec the t5 skill. you dont need damp and you dont need sencors. but you do need aux.

also you complained that you lost defence? i know thats not true at all. not when you spam epts, epts. also why do you think all the old school players complain about 100% defence and how its works?????????? dident you ever consider binding your throttle key full forward full reverse?

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Originally Posted by ilhansk View Post

As a friend, I am telling you that your response was uncalled for.
i really dont see it that way hank. me and hannible will always butt heads. we both have an aggressive nature. i think that the end of the day we still respect each other. but our epein will always get in the way.

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