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This is the list currently of issues I've found, some have already been mentioned and others may have not been. Some of these issues are deal breakers if not fixed before launch. I haven't done any PvP yet so I'm not sure how that plays out, from what I've read though, there is alot of Turtling going on which could perhaps make the PvP experience leave a sour aftertaste...

Anyway, this is a list of problems I've come across with so far, some issues have been patched or could be in the works, some issues others might have posted about.. Whilst this isn't a complete list at all, I'm sure the devs are getting great feedback and are working hard, some issues definitely need looking into before launch, that being said....I do see some great potential in STo, and thats saying something since I still was envisioning the lofty goals originally set by least we do have a STo now, so hopefully the devs will listen to the players and give us a truly immersive trek experience.

Current Issues/bugs

Space Combat Targetting is erratic, occasionally 'tabbing' targets a ship over 20km away instead of the closest enemy, during an intense fight it can be easily overlooked.

Completing some missions is not currently rewarding the players with their selected item.

Avatar in Space/Ship on the ground bug is still causing issues, discovered a hard crash if you click the 'scan area' button whilst your avatar in space (forced me to reboot)

Fleet actions favor cruisers over any other class, just set forward and aft to auto-fire and concentrate on staying alive, whilst other classes get pwned especially escorts. Just sit back and rake in those blues and greens. Partially due to the fact that Cruisers are supposed to be the space 'tanks', and most players don't have the aggro management powers so usually escorts open up and then get targetted and face smashed in return.

Still missions that are in completable due to mission/mis-named objectives etc...etc.

Server/Game Accessbilty such as 'Map is Full' or Server is busy, whilst for Beta's this is fine, for head start and general release, this needs top priority because the masses are going to get really impatient if they can't play the game they are paying for, I'd definately consider this a deal breaker issue. Whilst the map is full issue has mostly been corrected, general game access should remain a high priority.

Slow updating of equipping items, a minor issue most likely associated with general server lag.

Inconsistency of skills/powers such as Evasive Maneuvers to name but one, this skill sometimes does nothing at all, some times launches the ship at insane speeds (even in combat)

Away team Officers not beaming down along with the captain, definitely a major issue for completing episodes, nothing like facing off groups of mobs literally solo....could be server lag, but there needs to be a fail-safe ability such as to call down officers from ship especially if with other players and people leave the group...quite often this bug is also associated with the avatar issue.

Sound issues during some missions especially noted during the Krasse System fighting the gorn.

Limited toolbar use, unable to drag 'general' items to the toolbar, could be improved.

Solo vs Grouping balance issues, right now its far safer to solo missions than to group due to the scaling vastly being off, missions such as 'Secure the Sirius Sector' right now, are almost unplayable due to this issue, granted this particular mission was exploited greatly with afkers cashing in, but lower the team size down to 5 and not adjusting the mission has made the mission pretty pointless, facing off multiple groups of negh'vars Mirandas?? Especially made worse with un-coordinated players.

Inventory size is a little on the small side, perhaps increasing the size or give the player ability to increase it.

Consider changing the in-game cursor to something more 'trekky' instead of the basic windows cursor.

Have instance limits causes problems for fleets, especially bigger this one out for yourself.

Fleet combat/group missions include some form of enter instance as a group feature instead of having someone call out join instance ## and then trying to find that instance and then find out half your team are in different instances.

Crafting, STo needs crafting period in every way, shape and form. Not just to create a good in-game economy but for the longevity of the game in general, gives the players some goals to achieve not just to 'rank up'

Giant 'Tribble' issue...

Warping out through solid objects, not game breaking but looks silly =P

Any in-game issue such as crashing/map if full player out of the game...if the server is full, forces the player to attempt many log-in attempts especially if the server is full.

Sector maps updating slowly, possibly caused by general lag.

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