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01-24-2014, 03:02 PM
Major storm this is the pinnacle of excellence of easy xbox 360 controller keybinds... takes about an hour to get used to and keeping this link open and reading the // lines to tell you what stuff does and how it works is fricken easy way to learn, i played this game for TWO years darn near, and always have been trying to find a 360 controller set up as easy as your description here, all you need to do is read his thread as you go. like an old gaming manual.

I know there might be different ways to do this, but i want to say people who come across here, this really works wonders for PVP if yer used o responding as fast as this allows you too.

Many thanks amigo, this keeps me in the game for years to come cause now i can kick back and watch TV and not pay attention to what i am doing in game and still get STFS and pretty much everything else done, the proper super HIGH dps way.

For us old guys, Remember when you played mortal combat and were like zoned out and could beat the crap out of yer buddy cause the key combos were so easy, not even paying attention to what you were doing?

Makes the game like that AWESOME STUFF MAN! WOOT!
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01-27-2014, 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by tamujiin View Post
Major storm this is the pinnacle of excellence of easy xbox 360 controller keybinds...
Thank you for the kind words.

For those that may still be lost on how to use the keybinds or lack the will to search what all the lines mean below is a short description of how I use the buttons on the controller.


X, Y and B buttons are Slots 1, 2 and 3 on Row 1
X, Y and B buttons are Slots 4, 5 and 6 on Row 1 while holding left trigger
X, Y and B buttons are Slots 7, 8 and 9 on Row 1 while holding left bumper

These keys are mapped to skills that require on demand access such as brace for impact or speed boosts for getting out of trouble. Also cloak and other skills you feel would not work well in a macro go in here.

A button is all slots in Row 2 left to right.

A button is used for bread and butter skills you want to activate as a macro in combat. I mainly use this for tactical buffs like alpha strike and debuff abilities on enemies.

A button while holding left trigger is Row 3 slots 1-5.

I usually use this for shield heal abilities in a macro

A button while holding left bumper is Row 3 slots 6-10

I usually use this for hull heal abilities in a macro

Right Trigger is fire all weapons, remodulate shields and Row 4 all slots.

This is your spam button. Place any abilities you want activated all the time in Row 4 and keep mashing right trigger to automatically target nearby targets, open fire and activate buffs.

Other keys I won't mention as they are labeled in previous posts.


X, Y and B buttons are the same mappings as space but X has become the new 'fire' button since the first 3 slots are reserved for weapon actions in ground combat. Right trigger is now tab targeting. X also tells NPC boffs to attack your target.

Luckily there aren't as many ground abilities as space combat so they can be easily grouped to 3 trays.

A button is once again the 2nd tray all slots. This contains all your bread and butter attack skills you want to activate in combat.

Tray 3 slots 1-5 and slots 6-10 are smaller macros reserved for long cooldown skills you may want to group.

I hope this helps others in getting started with a controller! As tamujin mentioned once you get used to these controls the game almost plays itself
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# 273 Xpadder
04-04-2014, 01:50 PM
I was wondering if anyone could help me out a little bit. I have xpadder running and I know how to use it just fine with Neverwinter and some of the other games. However though, When I play Star Trek and have it running it's going off the other controls of the game instead of my xpadder control system. So how do I get it to go off the xpadder instead of the game?
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# 274 modifier keys
10-01-2014, 12:45 AM
Besides alt, shift, and Ctrl is there any other keys that work as a modifier key in the ui keybinding?
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# 275 Keybind settings
12-28-2014, 12:23 AM
is there any chance we could have a keybind settings file?
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01-22-2015, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by majorstorm View Post
hey all, after trying numerous keybinds others have posted then configuring and tweaking my own setup, I have concocted what I feel is an intuitive, easy to remember configuration for anyone that wants to play with an xbox controller. Beware, once you try this config you will never want to return to keyboard and mouse again!

Additional Notes:
- Joystick thumb buttons are left default with left being for movement and right for camera orientation.
- If you're a healer type person you can swap around team targeting with shield distribution or power distribution if you don't use these too often.
- I suggest using autofire till target change so you can quickly clear target if need be using both left trigger and bumper buttons.
- You can use depart system button to leave a lot of areas that may normally require mouse clicking. This includes when missions are completed.
- I don't recommend enabling targeting off screen. I tried this and it made tab targeting a nightmare. It is a lot easier to pan the camera with joystick to targets you want to cycle.
- I find I rarely use the camera zoom buttons so they're good candidates for mapping additional buttons or macros providing you with another 3 buttons for mapping.
- With this config you should rarely need to use keyboard and mouse. Only times keyboard and mouse needed would be when typing messages, managing inventory or managing doffs/reputation or other window related stuff. Also there is a mini-interaction window that can only be interacted with mouse clicking which can occasionally annoy you (if anyone knows the command to navigate to this window it would be greatly appreciated, typical interact button doesnt work for this). Everything else that is commonly used is bound to the controller.
- By default the dpad is configured for navigating interaction window text choices, A button accepts and B button cancels. This is only valid when you have an interaction window on screen that you have opened using interactwindow button.
- To use this config just copy paste quoted text into a text file and follow instructions on wiki on how to load keybinds. Lines with // won't break anything.
I so wish someone will direct me to similar keybinds, or do the same for Logitech 3D Pro Joystick.
Im physically handicapped and surely would appreciate such keybinds.
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03-31-2015, 02:40 AM
That list of keybinds is perfect, but I ran into a problem. many of them don't work.

specifically, any where you try to bind one key/button to multiple commands, and when trying to bind keys to the trays.

I found that after little bit I could bind keys to the tray slots if I changed the "+TrayExecByTray" commands to "+STOTrayExecByTray". But, I still can't get the multi command thing to work using the $$.

I tried different permutations (space between the name and the $$. no spaces. $$ at the end of the string. or not having them at all, etc) and nothing.

even when trying to do just two or three in the chat window with /bind either nothing happens, or I get a small buzz/error sound.

I'm assuming they changed things recently (i just got the game so i dunno) but does anyone know what the new way is, or if they removed that reature?

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