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# 1 Unable to act
01-16-2010, 12:32 PM
As per title, I can log in fine (barring drowned server), and select my character fine. I can walk around, seemingly, however after a bit of time I get teleported back to my starting position. The actionbar also takes several minutes to update to reflect my currently equipped weapon, and the icons hovering over the NPC stores are similiarly slow in appearing. As is the quest log, the Beam to Ship button and the interact-with-NPC button. The two buttons don't work, either. Chat appears as it should, but anything I try to say will not appear. The terminals in the Exchange also don't work. I tried submitting an in-game bug report, but I got a window telling me it couldn't contact the server. Based on what's happening, I'd say packets from me never gets to the server, for whatever reason.

I'm running Vista64 Business, fully patched. STO runs as admin, and is whitelisted in Windows' firewall. My router doesn't block anything going out, and the 7000-7500 is unblocked&forwarded in any case. I'm a wee bit stumped as to what is wrong, so any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I also get the red "SERVER NOT RESPONDING" at the top some times. Also forgot to mention that I start the client without using a proxy, as the EU one just timed last time I tried it, and the US one was incredibly slow.

Edit2: This problem appeared today (~1300 hrs CET), after a patch. Prior to the patch (~12 hours before), it worked.

Edit3: Now, at 0003 CET (17th Jan), I logged in and the problem is not present. Everything seems to work.
Lt. Commander
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# 2
01-17-2010, 12:39 AM
I get this problem everyday, since the patch for last weekends closed beta.

I log in, and I see my character or shiep (where ever I logged out). My quest list and bo/turret icons will take a while to load). Eventually they will. Chat seems normal, but when I type something it will not go through, sometimes for 5 minutes. Also I can travel for a minute or two and then get warped back to where I was before. It is like a connection issue, but my internet connection is fine.

I have noticed something odd. Sometimes I will alt tab for 5-10 minutes and come back to the game. On screen it says press any key I guess because the game has marked me as AFK. Once I press a key and resume play it is fixed.

This is very frustrating as the game is pretty much unplayable in this state.

Btw. I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit on this PC. 3gb memory with an 8800GTS video card, core 2 duo 2.4ghz processor.

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