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12-18-2013, 04:29 AM
Originally Posted by kenshinuk View Post
Yeah the pallet for me goes to Q so the codes don't match up. The undershirts now come out as garish neon colours.

I also have an odd glitch where the belt colour seems to be linked to that of the badge and vice versa.

Hopefully this will be cleared up soon as i'd like my crew to match.
The rank additions are a nice touch, additional arm sleeve pips would be great too!
the pallet has be changed from the standard Starfleet one to one based on the Off-duty one

the best solution to linked colours is to switch one to a different item that isn't linked while you adjust their colours

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01-23-2014, 02:44 PM
I'm still trying to recreate Captain Walker's uniform so far I think the main part is G-18 I just can't figure out what his sleeve is any help would be great. Here is a link I've been using as a guide
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01-30-2014, 12:03 AM
I don't know if anyone cares or this has been done before, but I wanted to figure out the default Honour Gaurd colours as seen on the armor item piece when equipped to use in the tailor. I Thought I'd post them here in case they haven't been done so before and anyone wanted to know them.

Helmet: F7, A3
Upper: A15, A22, A2
Hands: C9, E22
Arm Attach, left & right: A2
Shoulder Pads, left & right: A2, A15
Shoulder Accessory 2 (Cape): A13, A13, B17, F16
Collar: A4, A12
Chest Gear: A20, *A4, A2, F13
Wrist Attach, left & right: A1
Back: *A4, *A2, *A4
Belt: A4
Lower: A14, B10
Feet: A4, B21, A2, B17

* The default colours are unobtainable in the tailor and these are recommendations
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02-18-2014, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post - Now that is cute! However, Eris' hair is more like the one I've got in my char.
Omg haha, I stumbled across this on Google. My Eris looks almost exactly like that, but she is in the KDF and wears Klingon ceremonial armor.
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Originally Posted by starfleetops1990 View Post
I'm referring to the TOS/TNG and maybe if they will ever be released, the DS9 uniforms
I know this post is kind of old now, but here are my TOS colors:

Red (Command):

Upper: C23, A21
Sash: A21
Hands: I1, I1, I1 (use padded gloves - optional)

Belt: I24
Lower: I24, A21 (male) / C23 (female)
Bare Legs: Stockings
Feet: I24, I24, I24


Helmet: A21, O22 (optional)

Upper: C23, A21
Sash: G22 (optional)
Hands: I1, I1, I1 (use padded gloves - optional)

Belt: I24
Lower: I24, G22
Feet: I24

You may want to use the pinker side of the red palette, I've tried both and which looks closer to the show really depends on lighting. You can't really do the gloves right, so I suggest not using them. The uniform is way too shiny, but otherwise this looks pretty authentic.

I bought the TNG uniforms yesterday since they were on sale and played around with them a bit, but I don't really have any colors accurate enough to post yet. (For one thing, the bluish gray available to the free Romulan stuff is missing from the C-store uniforms for some reason. The "camo" uniform should use this color, but it's not possible )
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03-08-2014, 01:37 PM
Alright, here are my TNG Romulan attempts. I doubt these are anywhere near as good as someone like Blackavaar could've gotten them, so I'm definitely open to suggestions on improving them.

Padded Camo

Upper: I20, I23, I20

Lower: I22
Feet: I23, I23, I23

I mentioned above that the correct color has more of a blue tint to it, but that color isn't available in the palette for these uniforms. I did my best with the grays we do have available, since it seems unlikely that the palette will be updated given the track record with this stuff.

In season 1, the undershirt and pants were black instead of dark gray, so use I24 for those and a sash + sash belt instead of a harness if you want to recreate the earlier look. You can't get the collar, though.

Padded Checker

Upper: B12, I21, I21

Lower: I21
Feet: I22, I22, I22

Half the checks on this uniform have a noticeably orange tint to them in close up shots, B12 seems to be the best color for recreating this in-game. Because of the material, it will become significantly darker looking when viewed at a distance than up close.

I matched this based on a camera close to the player, I doubt it's possible to make it look right at a distance considering I'm already using the lightest shade of orange available.

Personally, though, I prefer to just do this in two shades of gray. It looks closer to how it did in shots from farther away. The orange contrasts too much at a distance.

Padded Tile

Upper: I22, I23, I23

Lower: I23
Feet: I24, I24, I24

The "tiles" on this are way too big compared to the show and you can't adjust their color, making it even more garish than it should be.



Sash: A1, I24, I24, I24
Belt: I24, I24, I24, I1

The sash was only used in one episode, and only appeared on the "camo" uniform. Lower ranking crew didn't have sashes and the harnesses weren't in use yet.

The sash seems to be black with a barely noticeable red tint to it. Even in HD captures, it's really impossible to judge the color correctly. I put the first color down as A1 to try to simulate this, but you wouldn't be wrong if you went for all black instead IMO.

Bronze Harness:

Chest Gear: A19, A18, A17, A17
Belt: A19, A18, A17, A17

Gray Harness:

Chest Gear: A24, A23, A22, A22
Belt: A24, A23, A22, A22

In addition to normal and "no loop", there appear to be two variants of the harness: A bronze-colored one, and a gray one. I did my best to recreate these, but it's not really possible to get the colors correct.

Like the uniforms themselves, there doesn't seem to be much consistency to how these were used. If there's some divisional/rank difference between them, I certainly can't figure it out.
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03-27-2014, 01:14 PM
Are the proper colours for the ARC Khan outfit in this thread someplace? I'm colourblind and doing the Khan outfit right is a killer for me.
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03-27-2014, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by llywarch View Post
Are the proper colours for the ARC Khan outfit in this thread someplace? I'm colourblind and doing the Khan outfit right is a killer for me.
I'm not at my gaming computer, but happen to have my uniform checklist handy and these are the colors I used:

Off Duty Bare Chest: O3 / O6 / P8 / A12
Khan's Gloves: A1 (P1) / A4
Khan's Pendant: P8 / O2 / A1 / P1
Khan's Wristband: A8 / P24 / N8
Weathered (Under)Shirt: P12 / P18
Khan's Belt: O24 / A22 / B1
Khan's Pants: O24
Khan's Boots: P18 / O19 / O19 / P18 (O3 / O3 / P20 / P17)
Helmets and Wraps: H10 / A10 / P1 / P1

I can't remember why I have some numbers in parentheses, but I think those were for either KDF or Romulans who had a different pallet.

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03-27-2014, 02:05 PM
Thanks! Looks Great!
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04-04-2014, 04:53 AM
I don't suppose you know a way to remake (the closest possible) the Romulan Nemesis uniform, right?

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