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How new? This fleet is so new, Ive yet to memorize its long name. (I didnt ,make the name however i am considering changing it to something cool and covert-like.)Lol We are a casual fleet who just gets on has fun and all that. We are looking for members to help improve the fleet because lets face, small fleets take forever to get anything done. There are some ST:O vats in the fleet who will remain as leadership, the founders if you will.

We were all in another fleet...that we started but our founder/leader was voted out by the newer members after he took a break and forgot to log in. Someone from leadership is usually on and while i would call myself an STO n00b, i am on quite a bit. We done have a website but we do converse with each other over facebook.

How to join? Send me a mail in-game for an invite! You can usually find me at new romulus or the Ker'rat system! Look for T'rell@chrisbrown12009.

All fed and fed allied roms welcome. new to the game, we will help as best we can. low level? looking for a fleet to grow with? We are it!

Some of us PVP, while some of us only PVE. I myself can handle most, if not all, ESTF.

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