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02-02-2014, 05:53 PM
I've played for about 3 years, and have never done this mission.

I WAS going to try it soon - just for the experience - but now I think I'll save myself the frustration.

If the 15 minutes includes the load time as well, that is not just 'harsh' but downright monstrous.

Isn't the 'Daily' aspect of it now MORE than enough to stop people from 'earning too much', or whatever the issue is?

Sometimes I really do wonder why they make the decisions they do.
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02-02-2014, 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by boltfacelogo View Post
It's easier for KDF than Fed.
It's odd that you say that, since I've always found the Tour The Galaxy mission (historically) to be faster to complete on the Federation side due to a more favorable starting position than on the Klingon side. I used to run the Tour on blueside using Common [SSR] Warp Engines in under 15 minutes (and with a MACO set could do it in just under 12 minutes). Doing the same on redside using Common [SSR] Warp Engines on a 3-set Honor Guard equipped B'rel Retrofit would usually require 17-18 minutes and required Marauder 3 in order to access Sirius Sector in order to avoid needing to transwarp out of Cardassian Space.

For me, the key to fast Tour times has *always* been having [SSR] on the Warp Drive. Being able to Slipstream once every 90 seconds is just too darn useful for being able to get across long distances efficiently.
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02-02-2014, 07:10 PM
Completed it today fed side with some points in Coi, the obelisk warp core and the borg mk xii engines with 10 seconds to spare. This was also started on the starbase and with my old route that worked well for me before Tau Dewa block was added.

Going to try starting in the Pelia sector since that one is the one that generally causes me to transwarp/backtrack.

15 minutes is annoying and doesn't really allow for any mistakes in your route or any technical issues you may run into.
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02-02-2014, 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post
It's odd that you say that, since I've always found the Tour The Galaxy mission (historically) to be faster to complete on the Federation side due to a more favorable starting position than on the Klingon side.
I started the mission in Pelia...and ended in ZA, with my KDF characters.
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02-03-2014, 05:51 AM
I did it few times across multiple alts and it is feasible. I am taking between 13 to 14 minutes (1 to 2 minutes to spare).

I have Driver Coil at 6, Assimilated Engines, Obelisk Warp Core (50% cooldown reduction on slipstream).

Starting in sector space helps a lot.

I think the route I used is fine but there could be a better one.
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02-08-2014, 06:20 PM
I can't complete with a MK X borg engine and 0 coil skills. I am just a casual player for missions like this, not focusing on straight out speed. On my characters without borg engines, they are out completely.

I guess the point of the nerf was to stop most people playing it.
Seems kinda of stupid for a company to invest resources in making it out of reach for players instead of just removing it completely.
Then again, we are talking about Cryptic.
And nothing surprises me when it comes to these guys.
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02-08-2014, 08:29 PM
You guys took a very popular event, and mauled it with the nerfbat not just once, but twice. It is now a pathetic hulk of what it used to be. Insufficient rewards, unreasonable conditions, and complete removal of any sense of a race. The feeling of cruising across sector blocks with dozens of other players all at once... that mass beamup from club 47 and warp out in Sol sector space... this is the stuff that gets people playing events Cryptic. A feeling of competitiveness and then accomplishment. Immersion in, for a rare moment in STO, true Star Trekking. Can you not see that?
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02-08-2014, 08:59 PM
With nine points in Driver Coil, a Fleet Impulse Engine, and a Fleet Warp Core with Driver Coil and 50% off the Slipstream cooldown, I'm finishing Tour The Galaxy with 45 seconds to spare (my best time, so far).

Granted, this is with a new Captain who hasn't hit Diplomacy 4 yet, so I'll have to make a minor adjustment to my route once the Omega Leonis sector block becomes a part of the challenge. On the other hand, I've got a Veteran Destroyer that I'm not using, and the 60 second duration those ships get on Slipstream would make things even easier.

It's doable, ladies and gentlemen. The challenge is to learn the map and navigate it efficiently. It's like any other challenge in an MMO; figure out your strategy, gear for it, spec for it, and knock it out.

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02-09-2014, 12:43 AM
I just barely manage to beat Tour the Galaxy in its new incarnation. MIND YOU, I have a [Coi] [SSR] Warp Core, a Vesta, Borg engine, and 9 DC. And T4 Dip, but that's not relevant. What IS is having T1 Romulan Reputation - YOU WILL NEED THE ROMULAN REPUTATION TAU DEWA TRANSWARP. Here are instructions for you. (NOTE: Pick up the mission "Secret Orders" before proceeding) This will make use of Auto-Travel mechanics. I will specify when to use Slipstream (make sure you have an SSR Warp core, or the CD may be too long)

1: Pick up Daily, leave from Sol.
2: Head STRAIGHT SOUTH in Sirius.
3:Turn WEST the INSTANT you cross into the Orion Sector, duck into BU.
4: Jet through BU at slipstream.
5: Square-Block Turn. Enter ZA. Head for the center. do a quick loop through the middle before heading for AT.
6: Jet through AT at Slipstream.
7: Cross back into Sirius (leaving from AT puts you in Risa Sector, completing Sirius).
8: Set a course for Gamma Orionis.
9: IMPORTANT: Set course for NGC-2447 System (the Terradome system). IMMEDIATELY nudge your ship SLIGHTLY north once you start flying straight. This will take you through Cestus, Galdonterre, and Bellatrix.
10: You should hit Pelia moments after you enter the Bellatrix Sector. Duck in, then reverse-speed back out.
11: Fly straight. You will fly into the Cestus Sector. The moment you do, use the MISSION TRANSWARP for "Secret Orders." This will put you in the Kassae Sector.
12: Fly due north, staying near the Sirius Sector wall. Cross back into Sirius the moment you touch the Argelius Sector. This will spawn you halfway up the wall, sparing you 5 LY of flight.
13: Head due north, crossing into Alpha Centauri. Continue north.
14: Cross into Iota Pavionis. Square-Block Turn (see step 5).
15: Exiting from the Devron Sector places you in the Sierra Sector. Head due East until you cross into the Vendor Sector, then go due South.
16: Set course for the Dera system. This is just BARELY inside the Mylasa Sector, and will allow you to complete Psi Velorum. Engage Slipstream.
17: THIS IS IMPORTANT. The moment you complete Psi Velorum, pop your Transwarp to Tau Dewa. This will place you in the Azure Sector - Right next to the Regulus border, less than 2 LY from Jouret.
18: Set course for Beta Lankel. Nudge ship slightly northward once you begin flying straight. This will edge you into the Narendra Sector long enough to complete it before heading for Pi Canis.
19: Set course for Kalferi, nudge northward. Continue through to Eta Eridani.
20: Set course due West. Jet through on Slipstream. Cross into Orrelius from the end of Eta Eridani.
21: Set course due North. Mission will complete (stopping countdown) the moment you cross into the Raveh Sector.
22: Transwarp to ESD. Turn in mission.
23: ???
24: Profit.

Like I said, this completes it with about 45s to spare (without Antimatter Containment crit or Dip Immunity/Raiding party - having all three is better).
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02-13-2014, 01:43 PM
I use a MACO Mk XII set on my FPE, and only have 3 points on driver coil. I don't use a WC that gives any boost to DC at all. I always seem to finish my tour with about 1:30 seconds left, give or take a few. The 15 minute time limit is not nearly as impossible as some people seem to think, I can assure you.


Sector by Sector Route:

DEVRON - 1 Block complete
VENDOR - 2 Blocks complete
MYLASSA - 3 Blocks complete
AZURE - 4 Blocks complete
XARANTINE - 5 Blocks complete
CELES - 6 Blocks complete
ALGIRA - 7 Blocks complete
KORA - 8 Blocks complete
CARDASSIA - 9 Blocks complete
RAVEH - 10 Blocks complete
ALDEBAREN - 11 Blocks complete
RISA - 12 Blocks complete
MUTARA - 13 Blocks complete
PELIA - 14 Blocks complete

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